Litun Town, Pingyu County: Strengthening the improvement of living environment to reduce pressure for epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-02 0 By

Reporter Zhang Qiaoqi correspondent Huo Laiwei Wang Haifeng/The picture shows the overall promotion of rural living environment improvement, to help epidemic prevention and control, The rural living environment improvement work in Litun Town, Pingyu County, to provide health guarantee to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.The town’s use of peace loudspeakers, slogans, banners, wechat and other effective forms, called on villagers to go out less, less party, cleaning, hygiene, and guide the villagers to “clean the house, tidy up the yard, rectify the village.”At the same time, combined with rural household toilet renovation work, starting from the health of each family courtyard, dot line combination, comprehensive spread, promote the “clean up, green up” construction, in order to create a clean and orderly living environment.Environmental control is an important battleground for epidemic prevention and control.Litun town will be determined to win the long-term battle of comprehensive improvement of living environment health, to ensure that the environmental health of the area to make the people live in comfort, peace of mind.(elephant news, Oriental today, mammoth news, mammoth headlines zhumadian news hotline: 13733809807,18838226078)