Serie A preview: AC Milan return to action with zlatan Ibrahimovic in training as milan begin to defend the top spot

2022-07-02 0 By

AC Milan, who have won three league games in a row, have the biggest psychological advantage in this matchup.After inter beat Juventus 1-0, AC Milan needed to win this game to make sure of the points gap, so this seemingly simple game could be a crucial one for the rossoneri.AC Milan are now unbeaten in eight consecutive serie A games, winning their last three, all 1-0, but at least they remain points clear of their rivals, but the stadio Meacha seems to have failed to favor the rossoneri recently, as they have only won two of five games at home.The squad’s key players – Giroud, Mainion and Tonali – returned early from international training to avoid the effects of fitness depletion.Bologna is reference: at bologna in this season’s condition is very poor, but recently has escaped from the relegation zone, is currently in the league 13, however they 14 times to visit only took 3 victories, such data has been tied the record team in the away games last season, coach mihajlovic cannot make accurate on-the-spot scheduling because of illness.From the present team’s ranking, bologna is lower than the home team get points intentions, after all, they don’t need a title, is weak to the war zone, and the relegation zone and keep enough safety distance, the fighting spirit of the team a friendly is not active, in addition, their last two league games team didn’t win, against a tragically, the giants of let alone a shock premier league leaders.