The Yangtze River Delta ecological and green integration demonstration zone signed six major projects

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The Yangtze River Delta Eco-green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone is known as the “experimental field” for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, bearing the mission of exploring the way ahead and demonstrating innovation.On February 9, the 2022 major project docking meeting of the Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance was held. The executive Committee of the demonstration zone, qingqing, Jia and Wu districts and one county, five towns of the pilot start-up zone of the demonstration zone, and member units of the Developer Alliance gathered together to seek the future together.Since its opening on November 1, 2019, the demonstration zone has demonstrated its “imagination” beyond local interests and traditional thinking with a steady stream of big and good projects.”The demonstration zone is the ‘experimental field’ of integrated institutional innovation, but also the ‘big stage’ for the development and expansion of market players.”Zhang Zhongwei, deputy director of the executive committee of the demonstration area, said that the construction of major projects is an effective carrier of the integration of high-quality development. At present, the demonstration area is entering the stage of deepening the construction and comprehensive force, so it is particularly important to improve the project display and activate market forces.At the conference site, members of the developer alliance composed of China Three Gorges Group, Changxin Company (Water Town Living Room Company), Huawei, Alibaba, etc., carried out project docking with five towns in the pilot start-up area of the demonstration zone — Zhujiajiao Town of Qingpu District, Jinze Town, Lili Town of Wujiang District, Xitang Town of Jiashan County, and Yaozhuang Town.The total investment of the 6 projects signed on the site reached 9 billion yuan, covering innovative industries, rural revitalization, public services and other types. Among them, the Fenlan Green City Science and Technology Innovation Base project with a total investment of 3 billion yuan and the Dongling Technology equipment high-end film deposition equipment manufacturing project with a total investment of 800 million yuan are both located in Fenhu High-tech Zone of Wujiang.”Fenlan Green City Science and technology Innovation Base project integrates big health, digital economy and artificial intelligence, including scientific research office, residential, commercial and leisure industries.”Zhang Jing, director of China Merchants Bureau of Wujiang Fen Lake High-tech Zone, told reporters that the project highly fits the core development concept of integration demonstration zone “one hall three pieces”, and fully embodies the new jiangnan style of “Rhyme, town flavor, modern wind” in the design, combined with the green and healthy ecological environment, to establish an open and dynamic office space.”We will focus on developing regional R&D headquarters, supporting industrial core, talent service platform, innovation incubation base and smart living community to create an integrated symbiotic community integrating park, block, scenic spot and community.”Focusing on rural revitalization, shanshen Village Rural revitalization project of Jinze Town will create a new paradigm of modern rural areas that focuses on the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, contains historical and cultural deposits, provides differentiated supporting services for urban residents, and improves the living quality of farmers.Aiming at industrial innovation, Anteli biomedical equipment intelligent manufacturing project will focus on research and development and production of biomedical ultra-low temperature storage equipment and biological waste treatment system. The global headquarters will be set up in Xitang Town, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan and an estimated cumulative tax revenue of 200 million yuan in five years.In 2022, more than 80 new and continued projects will be built in the demonstration area, focusing on “one hall and three pieces”, namely, the Water living room, Qingpu Xichen Technology Innovation Center, Wujiang high-speed railway Science innovation New City, Jiashan Xiangfutang innovation Center.The living room of water town is a functional model area made jointly by two provinces and one city, which is also the core of the demonstration area.Now, the demonstration area into the third year of construction, water township living room construction also started in the round.Liu Feng, minister of the ecological planning and construction Department of the Demonstration area Executive Committee, said that it would strengthen the function leading and centralized demonstration of “one hall and three sections”, and build a number of key demonstration projects that have a leading role.Focusing on the area surrounding the origin of the Yangtze River Delta in the living room of water town, centering on “one point, one heart, three gardens, three districts, three roads and many villages”,Put in the sitting room construction has become an important geographical indications, Shanghai Yangtze river delta integration but the core of integrated ecological green high quality development, rural complex jiangnan water ecological governance of urban and rural integration development pattern, innovation lead and high quality development of urban renewal model area, strive to achieve “a year start, two years out of the image, all three years of change”.With Huawei Qingpu R&D Center as the core, Qingpu Xicen Technology Innovation Center will be built into an international R&D industry community with active innovation and integrated development of industry and city;Relying on the high-speed railway hub of Suzhou South Railway Station and making full use of the integration effect with Hongqiao International Hub, Wujiang High-speed Railway Science and Technology Innovation New City will be built into a model area of green development of “science and technology innovation culture and education +TOD”.With The lake as the core element, it organizes the creative intelligence settlement, attracts the layout of high-end RESEARCH and development experimental institutions, and builds the Jiashan Xiangfudang Innovation Center integrating colleges and universities, artificial intelligence, international exchange, cultural tourism and cultural innovation, so as to realize the good scenery and the new economy flying side by side.Long new company general manager, water living room company chairman Zhu Yiyuan, water living room company will be around the origin of the Yangtze River Delta, to create square hall water courtyard, building landmark places;Around the square hall water courtyard, three core function groups are arranged flexibly around the periphery, shaping a new jiangnan picture scroll;By integrating modern ecological technology with traditional wisdom of water management, we will build three exhibition parks and three popular science villages, including polder fields, mulberry-based fish ponds and wetlands.The blue Ring project of demonstration area will be built around the natural geography and cultural scenery of water towns in tandem.In addition, it will build an intelligent engine in Qingpu, Shanghai, with functions such as international summit, high-end conference, intelligent RESEARCH and development, culture, water and land hub.To create a scientific innovation source in Wujiang, Jiangsu province, combining with the layout of scientific innovation research and development, science and technology incubation, conference and exhibition, exchange and training, commercial services, talent apartment and other functions;In Jiashan, Zhejiang province to build the exhibition source and other functions.In terms of municipal infrastructure construction in the living room area of water township, 18 roads will be started in 2022, including 8 roads in Qingpu District, 5 roads in Wujiang District and 5 roads in Jiashan County.Two “gift packages”. At the beginning of the establishment of the demonstration zone, the construction of the demonstration zone emphasizes the pooling of forces from all sides. One of the important measures is to establish the developer alliance to promote the “integration” and “high quality” of the demonstration zone by market forces.At present, the number of members of the Yangtze River Delta demonstration area developer alliance has reached 41.More than a year, the developer alliance of this “energy aggregation” effect: in the field of ecological environmental protection, the Three Gorges Group and two provinces and a city jointly established the water town living room company, focus on promoting the demonstration area water town living room key projects;In the area of green infrastructure, Huawei has helped build a smart Internet hospital in the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) and a telemedicine service system.In the field of connectivity, Yangtze River Delta Investment development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. focuses on project development, strengthens investment and financing capacity, and actively promotes wujiang Songling Road comprehensive transportation hub project and Suzhou South Railway Station high-speed rail new town construction.”Leading enterprises in various industries within the developer Alliance are playing an increasingly important role in the construction of the demonstration zone.”Shi Xiaoqiang, general manager of The Shanghai headquarters of China Three Gorges Corporation, the rotating CEO unit of the developer Alliance, introduced that this year the alliance brings two “gift packages” : precise service and major project construction.Precision for outstanding service, according to industry attributes and characteristics of 41 alliance member unit can be divided into infrastructure development (integrated) green, green, green investment, colleges and universities and professional institutions, digital economy and innovation industry and other fields, field small-scale, from activities, special driving around specific cooperation project between alliance members,We will improve the efficiency of government-enterprise connection and deepen cooperation among ALLIANCE members.To highlight the project construction, focus on connectivity, ecological and environmental protection, key sectors of the industry and the public service of innovation, combined with the key work schedule during the annual establishment, key of the sitting room key projects, jiashan water ecological environment improving project, China double carbon international BBS program, demonstration zone wisdom brain, west cen green low carbon research projects and so on five major projects.”We will serve major national and regional strategies and vigorously develop green finance.”Li Wei, vice president of CDB Shanghai Branch, said that it would give key support to energy-saving and efficiency enhancement, energy transformation, urban and rural construction projects in the demonstration zone, and take the lead in promoting comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development in coordination with the demonstration zone, and strive to take the lead in green and low-carbon financial model innovation in China.On the scene of the conference, Tencent, Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, West Hongqiao Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. and other leading enterprises with strong willingness to participate in the construction of the demonstration area also participated in the project docking.The vibrant demonstration area is attracting more people “to the future together”.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: