Turnover on the New Third Board exceeded 2.5 billion yuan in the last week before the Spring Festival

2022-07-02 0 By

According to the data disclosed by the National Share Transfer System for Small and Medium Enterprises (NEEQ), the turnover of listed companies on the NEEQ in the last trading week before the Spring Festival (From January 24 to 28) exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, among which the turnover of innovation layer was 2.027 billion yuan.In terms of indexes, as of The close of January 28, the THREE-board component index reported 1130.98 points, and the three-board market-making index reported 1423.57 points, with each index running steadily.As of January 28, a total of 6,915 companies were listed on the New Third Board.(Xinhua) Daily Business News