Binzhou green and healthy aquaculture technology training class opened

2022-07-03 0 By

Binzhou Daily/Binzhou Net In order to further promote green and healthy aquaculture technology, promote the city’s fishermen to increase income, fisheries to increase efficiency, On February 16, the city’s Ocean Development Institute organized the 2022 annual start of the first lecture and Binzhou green and healthy aquaculture technology training class.The training class invited 4 experts in the field of aquaculture to give lectures respectively on efficient culture technology of Penaeus vannamei, ecological seedling technology of penaeus vannamei, green and healthy culture technology of shellfish in the tidal flat of the Yellow River Delta, overwintering management of fish and prevention and control of common fish diseases.It is reported that the training course lasted for two days and took the form of online teaching. Nearly 200 people from fishery departments, fishery associations and Marine fishery practitioners of each county (city) district participated in the training.The training will further enhance the technical level of fishery practitioners and fishermen in zhuhai, which is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of fishery industry and the high-quality development of fishery economy.