Here are some changes you need to make when your friends say you look old

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Most friends are close in age or similar in age, so we have more topics to talk about and it is easier to build emotional bonds with each other.But when everyone is familiar with the speech may be more direct, for example, we often hear “you look so old”, “your ideas are so old”, “you look so old” and so on.There may be some awkwardness in these words, and there may be some discomfort in the heart, but it is seldom shown.But when I go back to myself or go home, I can’t help but look at myself in the mirror and ask: Am I really old?In fact, if you have emotional friends who are telling you that you look old, and they’re warning you that you might be having problems, you might want to pay attention to that, too, and start making changes.The way you Dress Is about to change The way you dress is about to change.Trends change almost overnight, whether it’s clothing or clothing, whether it’s hair or makeup, even if it’s a simple manicure, blush, eyeliner, or a small accessory you don’t expect, you will wake up and become history, with new fashion factors waiting for you.When your friends tell you you look old, they don’t point out anything directly, but what you wear is the most obvious.Whether you’re a student or just working, whether you’ve got a family or you’re obsessed with the competition in the workplace, you can inadvertently begin to neglect your appearance, your clothes, and your very basic human instinct to show off your beauty.Clothes make the man, Buddha depends on gold, both men and women keep up with the fashion trend, dress appropriately, let a person glow, will let your appearance age add a lot of points.Your Mental Health Improving your mental health will clearly show in your face. When friends tell you that you look old, there may be something wrong with your mental health.Maybe you have makeup face is still filled with tired, perhaps you inadvertently leaked the distraction of your heart, maybe you are too careful words that express your disappointment, even your an unnatural smile let them caught you not equal to idea of life, even a little habits change to let them see your body.Too many people don’t take care of their health under the stress of life, but physical ailments show up in their faces, hands, habits, expressions, etc.If your friends tell you that you look old, you might want to start taking care of your physical and mental health. Maybe you have a physical checkup or exercise, maybe you have physical therapy or rest, and make every meeting with them energetic.When you put all your heart into life and family, please pay attention to yourself and take good care of yourself. A person who loves himself will be loved by more people.No matter how the person looks, but the spirit on the face is unable to cover, only full of spirit, health can truly let a person feel the exuberance of life on your body.If you’re talking about an idea with friends and they tell you that you look old, it’s probably because you haven’t updated your ideas in a while.If you don’t know what YYDS is when you talk to students about Internet slang, they will say you are OUT.When you talk to your friends about a certain topic, your point of view makes them think you look old like an unearthed relic.When you discuss some social issue with your online friends and they DISS your opinion as outdated.Too often a point of view can be seen in your ideas of the old, aging degree.To survive and move forward, we need to update our existing ideas on a regular basis. We also need to accept and absorb those new ideas in time and then transform them into our own.People’s ideas need to be updated as their own cells.Not only will it help you stay current in your work and life, but it will also make it easier for you to understand the fast changing society.In today’s pluralistic society, the diversity of everyone is more obvious. When friends communicate with each other and are said to be old, they really need to read more books.Reading is not just those books bought in the bookstore, there are too many channels and ways to read, we need to choose the right books according to their own needs to read, digest, through the book knowledge to arm their minds, to purify our hearts, to strengthen our inner world.When your hierarchical friends get together, there’s always a theme, and if there’s something they can throw at you from a book or a personal point of view, but you don’t fit in or even know what they’re talking about, then you’ve been left out.This is the aggregation of knowledge points, but also the test of knowledge points.Life is long, knowledge is long, read more, gas from China.Books are the best way for us to learn knowledge and nutrition, learning is our human life can not stop self-cultivation, when you have reading, temperament naturally let you highlight.Everyone will be old, but we should keep a young mind, keep their love of knowledge, love of life, the pursuit of health, the yearning for a better future.When we are old, the body is still vigorous, the spirit is still full, the mind is still open, the concept is still with The Times, learning is still a habit, this is our life should respect and support.May every friend no longer encounter the time when others say you look old, because your face is always filled with the sunshine of youth inside.