More than 1000 volunteers guard!Nucleic acid testing in Putuo, a large community, is smooth and orderly

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At 6 o ‘clock in the morning, Yichuan Road street, CoSCO Liangwan City once again carried out nucleic acid work, the whole community 18 detection points started at the same time, the scene was orderly, each person in the team 2 meters apart.”Seeing these volunteers in, I feel very relieved, I will not use the mobile phone, the volunteers in the building help me to get the QR code out, and then print, also accompany me to do nucleic acid.”Community residents wang Grandma gave a thumbs-up to the community’s nucleic acid testing work.Cosco Liangwan City is the largest community in Shanghai’s inner ring with a permanent population of nearly 50,000. It is not easy to achieve “zero missing” nucleic acid detection in epidemic prevention and control. As part of the second residential area of CoSCO Liangwan City, a set of working methods for efficient operation of community epidemic prevention system have been summarized.”On the afternoon of April 3, we received a notice from our superiors on prevention and control. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted in the whole community in the early morning of April 4.”Shao Jianping, secretary of the second residential area of CoSCO Liangwan City, said, “We adopted the ‘three division of labor practice’ of ‘points, buildings and sections’.”It is reported that there are 9 buildings in the second residential area, with a population of more than 4,000. The two farthest buildings are separated by 1.3 kilometers. In order to facilitate residents to take nucleic acid tests, the Second CoSCO Residential Committee has set up 3 testing sites, which are calculated according to the distance from the residential building to the testing site, so that residents can walk as little as possible and complete nucleic acid tests as soon as possible.In addition, coSCO Second Neighborhood Committee upgraded its previous work team again. “We were originally a ‘110’ team, but now more and more people have joined the volunteer team, and now we are a ‘140’ and ‘150’ team!”Shao Jianping said, “‘ 1 ‘represents one neighborhood committee cadre, which is the block length.’ 40 ‘and’ 50 ‘represent the number of volunteers. There were 10 volunteers in each building, but now there are 40 to 50 volunteers in each building, making the work efficiency higher.The division of labor between young and old volunteers is clear. The old volunteers are responsible for issuing notices in the building group after receiving the block long notice, and launching everyone to go downstairs to do nucleic acid. In the face of the old people who are afraid and worried, they can come out and relieve their fears.Young volunteers are responsible for generating and printing QR codes for the elderly and escorting them to do nucleic acid work.”More than 260 volunteers actively responded and applied for the nucleic acid testing work. The neighborhood committee divided the work accurately according to their age, specialty and expertise, and reasonably arranged their respective jobs.This is not the first time for Tang to volunteer for nucleic acid testing. “Our nucleic acid testing work here is orderly and loving. Residents and staff cooperate with each other, and our volunteer team also has a clear division of labor.It’s not easy for a community as big as ours to be so well organized!”Nucleic acid testing underway reporter: Cao Hanwen Editor: Huang Mei