Schools in Yushe County strengthened epidemic prevention and control to guard the campus position

2022-07-03 0 By

The Yellow River network jinzhong inquiry (correspondent Cheng Yuyuan Mr Spence XinYu) on March 20, often early in the morning, yushe county north springs school staff to buildings, corridor, office area on disinfection, on the other side of the staff meticulous expression, action, he was careful to the handle for each room key to “clean up”…In addition to routine daily disinfection, Beiquan School will use the nail cluster to screen teachers and students going out and returning to make sure that all the information, identity and itinerary of the school is clear.After school time, classrooms, dormitories will strengthen ventilation, maintain indoor air circulation, go all out to make students safe, let parents rest assured.Classes resumed in an orderly manner, and epidemic prevention teaching was not a mistake.Yushe county schools to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures, strict experiment, temperature measurement, wearing a mask “the three elements of epidemic prevention and control”, strictly implement the epidemic prevention sanitizers, ventilated take a breath, morning late afternoon inspection, regular nucleic acid detection system, strictly implement the system of epidemic prevention and control for 24 hours on duty and the “daily report, zero” system,The school leaders will be on duty in turn and the staff on duty will be on full duty at all times, and every entrance and exit channel on campus will be strictly guarded to strengthen the “iron wall” of epidemic prevention and control on campus.At the same time, the “two points, one line” regulations of school and family are strictly implemented to guide teachers, students and parents to reduce contact with the outside world, remind teachers and students to take good personal protection, wear masks in class and after class, develop good personal hygiene habits, and reduce the risk of infection.For normalized epidemic prevention and control work, taught yushe county bureau of resolutely carry on main body responsibility, more measures, carrying out the disease prevention and control measures and adhere to the arrangement on the basis of aging, in implementing the strong guarantee for it, because of strict controls on implementation, as in the enforcement accountability, actively create a safe, orderly learning environment for students, full security and epidemic prevention education.County education system also effectively pressure the “four party responsibility”, refine and improve the prevention and control task list, seamless connection of each work chain, the establishment of “horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end” of the grid responsibility system, resolutely prevent leakage out of control.County education bureau said the epidemic is an order, prevention and control is responsibility.The education Bureau will always put the health and life safety of teachers and students in the first place, from “0” to “0”, and guard the main position of campus epidemic prevention.[edit: Jinzhong Channel]