Support Shanghai with movement!”Sakura you come” online sports match waiting for you to come

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Seven ministries and commissions, including the General Administration of Sport of China, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and the All-China Women’s Federation, jointly launched the “Running Boys” campaign
Children and teenagers themed fitness activities
In progress
Let’s use exercise
Solidarity for Shanghai to win the battle against the epidemic!
If you participate in the online challenge, you will receive a certificate of “Support Shanghai to win” and you can choose to take it home
If you can have four family members and friends sign up, you will bloom with the cherry blossoms. Sign up, there are four steps:
1. Click the sunflower QR code below to register;2. After successful registration, finish running and upload mother-daughter exercise screenshots in the system;3. The certificate can be downloaded after passing the system review;4. Show your friends on moments.Low low low
Online registration time
Online competition time from March 8th to April 25th, 2022
Online events from March 8th to April 30th, 2022
In Shanghai, you can choose your own fitness activities for families living in isolation.You can refer to the “Home Sports Package” released by “Shanghai Sports” government wechat on April 7, 2022 (click to view), such as: rope skipping, sports dance, mat free hand exercise (plank, jumping jac, etc.), boxing, yoga and other fitness exercises.You can also choose to run in place or in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.Online sports activities
1. Click the above qr code to enter the mini program;2. If you choose to run, please use any running app (Huawei, Goodong, Yuerunquan, Nike, Jiaming, etc.) and run 500 meters or more in a single run within the specified time;3. “Submit results” in the mini program, upload screenshots of exercise results or fitness photos;4. After background certification, the competition is deemed to be completed;5. Participants can download the electronic “Completion Certificate” by themselves.Special note
Each competitor can only have one valid mobile phone number. If more than one participant enter the same mobile phone number, the result will not be submitted.The mobile phone number of registration should also be the same as that of the competition mini application.Online competition entry package
Package E: Free. If you successfully complete the race and upload the score track, you can get the electronic completion certificate download.Surprise awards help
Creative Running Picture Prize (10 winners) : 10 winners will be selected to receive prizes by running out of the shape of cherry blossom petals upon completion of the race;Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Award (10 winners) : After completing the competition, attach a photo of yourself with the cherry blossom and upload it backstage to select the most beautiful cherry blossom award and distribute prizes.The specific situation shall be subject to the announcement of the organizer
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