With only one season of six top-rated SHOWS, it’s a shame they didn’t get a second season

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1. The West;A complete brief history of America, the adventurers often emerge as winners, but with blood and tradition dying out.After watching “West side”, it is a western history play, let me know a lot about the Knowledge and culture of The Indians, I think their name is very distinctive.Loose creative environment to have such a film, worth a look!2. Band of Brothers;When I got to the last moment, IT dawned on me that the most hardcore part of the show was not the extremely realistic portrayal of war, but the emotional bond between comrades in arms.It’s hard to recognize the whole person the first time, but it’s worth it.A show that’s coming into its own. That might be the power of reality.Each episode has a long aftertaste.Forensic Undead; 3.Plot interspersed orderly, suspense elements.The male and female master’s feelings are just right, like love is not love similar to love and friendship, will not feel greasy hate.The feeling of the whole drama is partial to reasoning, a little like the feeling of Sherlock. Unfortunately, the hero’s ability is not reflected too much. If this drama is shot in recent years, it is likely to be a superhero story.4. Constantine;It’s good for a series of analyses, it’s interesting, the rhythm is chaotic, you’re probably digging holes, and you haven’t filled them yet.Constantine’s actors are handsome in both the play and the film.I thought it was great, but I think it was canceled because of poor ratings. Unfortunately.5. Firefly;The actor’s acting skills are a little immature, but the flaws do not outweigh the flaws. After six episodes, the core of Sheldon’s thinking has gradually improved, and he still enjoys watching the show well outside of Marvel.It is a classic science fiction drama. Although there is no amazing high-tech, the character shaping and plot are very good, especially the dialogue and humor. I love American humor.6. The Thorn Birds;A very beautiful play, actors, music, the original performance is very good.Compared with the original work, Maggie’s fate is more difficult. The whole play is full of strong religious color, and the separation of life and death runs through the whole story. The 40-year time span condenses the sorrow and joy of life, and Maggie’s deep love for Ralph.With only one season of six top-rated SHOWS, it’s a shame they didn’t get a second season.