He who has not suffered a long night cannot talk of life

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The person who really has light, is the longer the pressure time, the deeper the depth, the more brilliant the light can bloom.A brave man is not one who does not shed tears, but one who continues to run with tears. Let’s meet here in the near future.Ingenuity is worthy of every inch of time in the repeated years. No one will protect you for a lifetime except the country.Until the autumn moon September 8 after I bloom flowers kill the sky incense array through Chang ‘an city with golden armour 7.No matter what we finally estranged into the good for you are true even if there will be a parting do not live up to meet hope you do not regret knowing me is really happy if I can go back to the past I will choose not to know you is not I regret but I can not face the present ending — Dong Qing 8.The longer the person who really has light presses, the deeper the depth, the more brilliant the light can be.You have to work very hard to look effortless.There is no blueprint for life and no standard answer. You should shine your own light, not always reflect the light of others.Life is like a practice.Proud, a day to see all chang ‘an flowers;In hard times, down and out stop the liquor cup;But the journey of life can not turn back, the fear of towering rock can not climb, will be ling extremely;Even if no one else will;Also want to be strong.13. Human life is doomed to suffering, but we must seek happiness, even if it is only light, for happiness is a few stars shining on the dull earth.14. That busy street hides our new dream.15 the sunset fell into the zhaozhao star wild, the world suddenly late, mountains and rivers have autumn.