In the real “women’s country”, the tribes are all female, so how do they reproduce?

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The division of the human race into males and females is the most primitive form of division, and the primary purpose of the distinction between the two is procreation, and therefore human survival.In the early stage of primitive society, women had a very high social status. Later, due to the need for survival, men became more and more prominent in the tribe and gradually became the leader.Since then, in slave society and feudal society, we have seen many phenomena of men oppressing women. Until now, equality between men and women has been achieved to a certain extent.However, in many parts of the world, there exists a completely different phenomenon of men and women, which is commonly known as “women’s country”.These people form an isolated group or tribe with almost no contact with the outside world, all of whom are women, and live together to support each other.Many people will think that this phenomenon must only happen in the primeval forests of foreign countries, but in fact there are such special groups in China.We have 56 ethnic groups, including a nation called the mosuo, who live in the north of yunnan-guizhou plateau near sichuan province, a small population but have their own independent language system, let outsiders are most concerned about is their social model is still primitive matriarchal society, no marriage this form between men and women, women are responsible for fertility and education of children.In such groups, the status of women reached an unprecedented height and became the center of the family.Of course, in some backward countries or regions there are many primitive tribes of matriarchal society.The diversity of species in the Amazon jungle, the lungs of the earth, makes it a dangerous place to live, so it’s not easy to survive.The tribe’s women have evolved stronger bodies to adapt to the harsh environment, and every girl is taught survival skills from birth. Women here are as good as men.A lot of people wonder how an all-female population could have survived, since we all know that it takes both sexes to reproduce.For the Mosuo people of our country they have always had a particular tradition, which seems absurd to modern marriage but to this people it is an ancient custom.Men and women do not get married, as long as both parties agree, the woman can let the man come to the house for the night but do not live together, until the next day he has to leave.In this way, if a woman is pregnant, she does not know who the father of the child is, and the mother directly takes care of the child after giving birth.If a boy is born, he is not sent away but becomes a member of the group, but when he grows up, he cannot marry and have children and he has to help raise the children for his sister and sister.From this point of view, the Mosuo people are not really pure “women’s country”.The female tribes of South America were far more ruthless in their attempts to procreate than the Mosuo and had taken their femininity to an extreme.They were strong and capable of fighting, and in order to procreate they would go to the surrounding tribes to capture men and then release them after conception.In order to maintain the purity of the tribe, male babies would be abandoned or sent to another tribe.If you go to another tribe, your life will be saved, but you will be discriminated against as an alien.For the men who were born in this tribe, the extreme feminist culture actually became a tool to trample on their lives.The world’s cultures are diverse, whether tribal or modern, and it is difficult for us to evaluate them based on our own values.The survival of matriarchal society is a part of human civilization and a microcosm of social evolution, not a simple backward sentence can be summed up.In addition, purely from the standpoint of human beings, we hope that the status of men and women is not the absolute patriarchal society in ancient times, nor the absolute feminist society in female tribes, but the real sense of equal rights society.