Read the formula, Haimen, hold on, hold on, hold on to the food bag.

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At present, wheat has entered the stage of jointing and booting.In recent days, the district Agricultural and Rural bureau has sent agricultural technicians to the fields to guide wheat growers to strengthen pest control and ensure a good summer harvest.This year is a key year for comprehensively promoting the rural revitalization strategy. The district has never let up its efforts in grain production, prioritizing the steady production and supply of grain and other important agricultural products, and paying close attention to the formula of “stable”, “solid” and “excellent” to firmly consolidate the foundation of grain harvest.We will continue to keep grain area and output stable.This year, Haimen’s grain production target is stable at 503 million jin, with a sown area of 792,300 mu.No. 1 in view of the central, provincial, municipal particularly proposed “vigorously implement the soybean and oil productivity promotion project”, haimen released soybean grain production goals in 2022, on the basis of in-depth excavation of the soybean area of potential, comprehensive implementation of soybean corn belt compound planting task, and cascade planting task decomposition to the town, village,We will ensure that the area sown to grain is stable throughout the year, and work to keep grain yields stable and increase incomes.Comprehensive grasp grain production technology.The district has established a technical guidance service mechanism, set up a district-level technical guidance group, agricultural technical personnel package guidance, tour to carry out technical training and consulting services.At the same time, in order to food with high quality and efficiency to create, popularizing agricultural major technical coordination, soybeans, corn belt compound planting projects as the gripper, the full implementation of species selection, fertilizer management, agricultural machinery, agricultural integration,’s monitoring, prevention and control of diseases and pests, disaster prevention and mitigation key measures, such as precision fine pays special attention to the crop field management, promote the project as a whole, should the good pattern of food production,Make sure we win the battle for good harvests.We will continue to improve policies to support grain production.The region will implement subsidies for the protection of farmland fertility and rice to ensure that grain-related funds are truly used by grain farmers.We will continue to make full use of financial funds from the central government and provincial and municipal governments to provide targeted subsidies to soybean and corn strip composite growers, stabilize crop yields, and guide the optimization of crop structures.Actively strive for financial funds at the same level, and formulate the “2022 Agricultural and Rural High-quality Development Support Policy of Nantong Haimen District”, through supporting large-scale planting base, expanding the demonstration area of “ton grain field” of 10,000 mu, improve rice processing capacity and other aspects to promote food production to stabilize the area, increase production capacity, stabilize the foundation of industrial development, improve benefits.We will further improve the precision and orientation of our policies and encourage farmers to grow grain.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: