The four majors in Korea that are oversaturated have not only high admission scores but also employment problems

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According to data statistics, our country has more than 90 professional categories, 703 majors (excluding military science), the common popular majors are medicine, law, education, economics and so on.It is important for students to be admitted to an ideal university, but they should be more careful when choosing a major.After all, students are likely to be engaged in this professional field for the rest of their life after graduation, especially in today’s fierce employment competitiveness of college students.According to official statistics, the number of college graduates reached 9.09 million in 2021, and is expected to break the 10 million mark in 2022 and even reach around 10.8 million.Faced with such a large group of graduates, students’ employment pressure can be imagined.In order to stand out from the 10.8 million, you need to have a good major in addition to being a graduate of a prestigious university.So when students choose their major, how should they choose it and what factors should they consider?Preconditions and Considerations for High School Students To Choose a College Major Before entering a major, students must take their hobbies as a reference standard.This is important because this major is likely to be the job that students will be engaged in in the future. If they are not interested in it at all, the job will only bring endless pain and difficulties.Let’s think about it in terms of what the students themselves like.Many students and parents give priority to unpopular or popular majors when choosing a major.Popular parents worry about their competitiveness, and it is difficult to find a job after graduation. Parents who are too unpopular feel that there are too few corresponding jobs after graduation.In fact, no matter it is popular or unpopular jobs, there are good employment and bad employment students, which should see the college students graduate and their own strength.Compared with kangle popular major or unpopular major, should regard development prospect as the factor that considers more actually, want to be development prospect is good only, social development is indispensable major, that future obtain employment prospect is certain pretty good.Summary: With the continuous development of society, there are many majors in the market with high saturation. These majors once had a large gap and considerable development prospects. But with the progress of society, many majors are gradually replaced or faced with cancellation.As early as a few decades ago, the accounting industry was extremely short of talents, and at that time, the recruitment of an accountant can be said to be a thousand dollars hard to find.This has led to the phenomenon of “accounting fever” for a long time.Today, however, the accounting profession is heavily saturated.Accounting, cashier and other posts, there has been a phenomenon of overcrowding, but at present, many universities of the major admission score is still very high, but the employment of students after graduation is very difficult, market saturation once exceeded, students should be cautious before registering for an examination.Marketing major, low technical requirements for the professional jobs is very popular, a few years ago to hire workers on the market, and even brag about earning, but in fact the students want to get the job, post technical requirements is too low, the recruitment threshold is too low, learning achievement is good, try to stay away from this major.Business English major, the current market demand is low this major is really quite hot a few years ago, the development is also good.But in recent years, the market saturation is high and the demand decreases.However, the admission score of this major is not constant, so students should choose carefully.Tourism management major, in recent years, it is difficult to find a job. Tourism used to be very hot, many students choose to register for it, not only to earn money but also to travel on official expenses.But in recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, many tourism workers have lost their jobs, so students should be cautious about applying for the exam.Under the new college entrance examination mode, students should consider comprehensively and choose carefully. Most areas of our country will adopt the new college entrance examination mode.Under this new model of testing, students should not only consider major coverage, but choose a combination of subjects with a high degree of major coverage if possible.Of course, before considering the coverage of major, you should give priority to your academic performance.As much as possible, choose a combination of subjects that you are good at so that your score will be high.It is worth mentioning that the current history class admission mark line will be relatively high, last year there was a regional history class mark line, even once more than physics class mark line 100 points or so, this point students should be prepared psychologically.Write in the end: there is an old saying that it is better to do well in exams than to do well in exams, which also proves that students’ academic performance is very important, but in the stage of filling out the application for a volunteer, there are still certain skills, so as to have more development prospects.If the results of the students belong to the middle, I can see the end of the 985 calendar year admission score, comprehensive consideration may be able to pick up success.I hope all the students will be able to get into the university of their choice.Topic of the day: What other majors do you think are saturated?