This car of tens of thousands of high cost performance, that is GaC Mitsubishi SUV

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| pajero car a few years ago (parameters), compared to the vigorous development of the voice of the mitsubishi nearly two years in the domestic market is more and more small.However, the decline in market power does not mean that its products are not worth buying.On the contrary, Lande showed a good cost performance after a large discount.Today, we use five ask answer quickly understand mitsubishi outlander (parameter | photo).Q1 Why recommend second-tier joint venture brand SUV?Because it’s cheap.Seven seats for under $150,000, four-wheel drive for over $160,000.You can find both in the joint VENTURE SUV, see if there is a second.And it’s not a naked car. 7 airbags, automatic parking, keyless entry, reversing images, and electrically heated leather seats are all equipped.For the 2.4L all-wheel-drive version, there are additional electric tail doors, shift paddles and LED headlights.Besides L2 driver assistance system, daily configuration is also good.Q2 Besides high specs, what else is worth buying?Outlander is familiar with it after more than 1,000 kilometres in a 2.4L four-wheel drive.In addition to its high specs, the car has several advantages: first, the interior space is really ok.This is because of its body size – a 4.7m car is actually packed into three rows of seats.While it’s hard for adults to sit in the third row, temporary emergencies can work.The second row has adjustable backrests, plenty of room for feet under the front seat, and a small box of mineral water can be tucked into a personal test.Secondly, high speed quiet level is good, 120km/h cruise car quiet;The 2.4L naturally aspirated engine has 192 horsepower, rich power performance in the middle and rear segments.Finally, the chassis’s handling of rotten roads is unique, making the gully feel comfortable and reliable.Q3 also talk about bad things?First, the interior is relatively simple, the seat version is relatively straight, a bit rough tool car style, practical and luxurious.Second, the driving experience is rough and lacks polish.Start, the throttle is a thief, step up special jump;As the speed goes up, it becomes the CVT’s rubber-band footfeel, which is not crisp enough.Also, the steering feels very electronic, not light, and a little mushy.Considering the price and the aforementioned advantages, these are not actually fatal weaknesses and want to help you correct your expectations.If you think the disadvantages I mentioned are acceptable, this car is worth buying.Q4 So who is suitable for Outlander?First, there are friends who only need four-wheel drive.At over $160,000 this year, it’s hard to get an SUV with four-wheel drive, let alone an Outlander, which works pretty well.Over the mountains or in the snow, with four-wheel drive, it’s much safer to drive.Second, the friend who likes driving.Overland has high configuration, large trunk, quiet high-speed cruise, reliable naturally aspirated engine technology, good power, chassis can adapt to various road conditions, is a good partner for long-distance driving or fishing outing.Third, need a tool car to run to the construction site, often go bad road friends.As a tool car, cheap leather is the most important.Texture and luxury are not a big problem at all.This condition of use belongs to Oland’s strengths and weaknesses.If you don’t necessarily need four-wheel drive, or if you have a high demand for control feel and chassis texture, this price is better than the Outlander.