Out of control?Liao basket back to the top of the list, Yang Ming, suspected dark batch of 4 strong men, not out of work

2022-07-05 0 By

On March 14, Beijing time news, CBA regular season is hot, Liaoning men’s basketball team finally get revenge zhejiang men’s basketball team, although Liu Weiwei under the banner of training, not to let Wu Qian and two big foreign aid, mainly young they leng is to Liaoning men’s basketball team brought a lot of trouble.After liaoning men’s basketball team win back to the top, coach Yang Ming expressed his opinion after the game, suspected of implicitly criticizing the Liaoning men’s basketball team’s four strong players, it is time to wake up, the playoffs are coming, it is time to work hard.It seems that the liaoning men’s basketball coach some of the current liaoning men’s basketball out of control of the feeling, he can not wake up pretending to be confused?Liaoning men’s basketball team in the third phase of the start of the poor record, in the absence of Guo Ailun, the team suffered 3 consecutive losses, even Qingdao men’s basketball team without the playoffs can lose.With guo Ailun’s comeback, he led the Liaoning men’s basketball team won a wave of 3 consecutive wins, and returned to the position of the top brother.However, now liaoning men’s basketball team, just like the second stage of the brave and sharp, even a lot of times, play that call a tremble.It is undeniable that the playoff qualification has already been obtained, and the regular season championship is not rare, liaoning men’s basketball men’s soldiers, from the thought of some lax.After liaoning men’s basketball revenge zhejiang men’s basketball, Liaoning men’s basketball coach Yang Ming expressed his ideas, in his opinion, Liaoning men’s basketball old problem, still did not crack, that is to retreat too slow, the three-point hit rate is too low.And these two problems, has not been solved, “now how to improve the shooting percentage and maintain a normal and stable defensive intensity is what we need to do.”And the crack of this problem, obviously need liaoning men’s basketball uniform group to come up with a feasible solution.However, Yang Ming turned, he put the spearhead against the domestic players, see the young zhejiang team so strong so fighting, Yang Ming is jealous.Zhou Juncheng was 0 for 3, Yan Dianqi 1 for 2 and 2 points, Fu Hao 1 for 3, Wu Changze 0 for 4 and Zhu Rongzhen 1 for 2.Obviously, such performance, let Yang Ming is not satisfied, he even openly said: “the third stage so many games, some players should wake up and work hard.”So, who is Yang Ming talking about?In fact, careful fans will find nothing but these 4 strong men, that is Wu Changze, Liu Zhixuan, Fu Hao, Zhang Zhenlin.Liu scored 10 points in five games in the third period, shooting 3-for-11, especially 0-for-5 against Zhejiang.Wu played in all six games, shooting 1-for-11 and scoring just three points.Fu Hao is relatively better, 6 games all played, but the two games in Zhejiang, he shot 1 of 5, only got 7 points, very out of shape.Zhang zhenlin, despite scoring in double figures in all six games, has actually been wasting a lot of shots, making just 4 of 14 against Zhejiang.Liaoning men’s basketball problems, obviously not a day or two of the problem, and for these big players, Yang Ming suspected out of control, unable to wake them up.Only Guo Allen, that is really lively, as long as the play is desperately, liaoning men’s basketball is worth studying well.For a champions-focused team, this is not the time to relax. Everyone needs to tighten up to make a difference in the playoffs.Expect Yang Ming to wake up those who pretend to be confused.