Taiwan’s Egg shortage?The Taiwan authorities will surely suffer the consequences if they turn their back on their ancestors and forget their ancestors to “de-Sinicize”

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History is never a little girl to be dressed up.The Taiwan authorities’ painstaking endorsement of “Taiwan independence” over the years should also stop.Let’s take a look at two recent news. According to huanqiu.com, Taiwan has an egg shortage as the Spring Festival approaches.Three Taiwanese men, aged around 90, claim paternity and claim to be Japanese.We have to take a closer look at why such bizarre incidents are frequently reported in Taiwan.Take the situation of egg shortage in Taiwan as an example. Recently, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was busy to “justify” Japan’s “nuclear food” and called for “blessing food”, and tried its best to defend America’s “four major referendums”.Both the United States and Japan are not happy about not allowing the People of Taiwan to eat these two things, so they have to flatter Japan and the United States as much as possible. As for eggs that are irrelevant to the interests of the Taiwan authorities, who will care about them?These three Taiwanese elders, who forgot their ancestors and turned their back on their ancestors, were born during the Japanese occupation period. During the period from 1895 to 1945, Japan carried out its evil colonial rule over Taiwan. Japan not only imposed harsh and brutal punishments, but also tried to break the national spirit of the local people and carried out differential education aimed at educating them and assimilating them.While most locals resented the atrocities, others suffered, and the three men were among them.The root cause behind these two incidents is “de-Sinification”.In the Japanese occupation period, “de-Sinification” was the aggressor’s tool, but today, “de-Sinification” is a stinking trick of the Taiwan authorities, whose over-glorification of Japan and the United States has seriously poisoned the next generation.In the 1990 s, represented by lee teng-hui and Chen shui-bian of Taiwan authorities have adopted means of “desinification”, repeatedly brazenly said: “the Chinese culture is just one part of the” Taiwan culture “, and “shame” culture of China, referred to as “backward”, so to popularize to be “out” and “abandoned”.In 1988, Chiang Ching-kuo died and Lee Teng-hui came to power.The old thief all the “Taiwan independence” comments, by any means possible to conceptually fuzzy the realistic meaning of “China”, on the education, he promoted the “know” Taiwan textbooks, in which to beautify the Netherlands, Spain and the history of Japanese colonial rule, and the error of the history of the kuomintang to criticism,To weaken the positive influence of Chinese culture on Taiwanese society, thus serving their own Wolf ambitions.During this period, Lee Teng-hui has completely abandoned the One-China principle, wantonly flatter Japan, flatter the West, after years of propaganda and education, the young generation in Taiwan unconsciously weakened and diluted the “China consciousness”.After Chen shui-bian took office in 2000, and continued the practice of lee teng-hui’s authorities, not only with the “Taiwan independence” a ridiculous idea that revised curriculum and textbooks of primary and secondary schools, also don’t have up to high school history textbook in the history of “Taiwan” and “Chinese history”, and individual history of 1945 years later was singled out as the history of Taiwan “,”He deliberately downplayed the importance of Chinese history, saying, Japan s colonial rule promoted Taiwan s modernization.Such a variety of, it is malicious, shameless.In 2016, Tsai Ing-wen took office and continued these despicable acts, restarting the fetid trick of wiping out “Chinese elements”.One is that in 2019, the office of Taiwan’s leader held an event in which Tsai spoke in English, inviting international tourists to visit Taiwan and calling herself the “President” of Taiwan.In 2020, the Tsai administration changed the cover Of TAIWAN’s travel documents, purposely reducing the original “Republic Of China” and bolding the original “TAIWAN” at the bottom.In addition, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) has tried its best to “flatter Japan every day” and even dared to make an issue of China’s sovereignty in an attempt to “sell the Diaoyu Islands” in order to gain Favor with Japan.The democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities, for the private interests of a single party, are doing a set of dirty things that have forgotten their ancestors, and now they are extending their black hands to the People of Taiwan, not only letting the people of Taiwan not eat eggs, but also introducing “nuclear food” and lai pig, which have health and safety risks.If we continue to do this, the CAI administration will only lose people’s hearts and “lose Haw’s life.”