Attention!Fasting on the bus prohibit mobile phone sound, serious case can be reported to the police

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Like the subway, Shanghai’s buses have banned eating, drinking and playing sound outside.
A new version of the Shanghai Bus and tram Riding Rules (hereinafter referred to as “Riding Rules”) came into force recently.Among them, it increased the requirements for passengers to ride safely and civilizedly, and clearly stipulated that eating and drinking were prohibited in the carriage.It is forbidden to use electronic devices in the carriage while playing sound outside.Shanghai bus companies revealed that the new rules are similar to the “mute order” of Shanghai subway, which is mainly aimed at discouraging passengers.In the future, if a passenger eats or drinks on the bus, or plays noise outside his or her mobile phone, the relevant staff has the right to dissuade and stop him or her.If the restraint is ineffective, it shall have the right to refuse to provide services.If the circumstances are serious enough to disrupt public order, traffic safety and public security, the case shall be dealt with by the public security organ according to law.On Feb. 9, at around 9 a.m. at the Bund terminal of Zhongda Bus No. 71, I found some passengers looking down at their mobile phones and others resting their eyes. During the 15 minutes of following the bus, I did not find any passengers playing mobile phones or eating or drinking.”I’m all for it.”Ms. Luo, a citizen, said she had been carsick since she was a child, and hated the smell and loud noise when taking a car. “It made me feel very uncomfortable.”Mr. Zhou felt it was not safe to eat on the bus, “especially for children, the bus is also very likely to stop, it is easy to choke.”Xiaojiao learned from the bus company 3 that the mute convention was launched on the number 71 traffic last year, and the company has carried out training for the drivers and passengers.On the one hand, it is to set an example. During the ride, the flight attendants will answer passengers’ questions in a quiet voice and give simple hints when they arrive.On the other hand, when someone is eating or talking loudly in the carriage, the flight attendants will make a “friendly reminder” in time to guide passengers to form civilized riding habits.In addition, it has been learned from many public transport enterprises in Shanghai, such as The Second Bus Company, that they are currently replacing the publicity column of “four plates and one picture” on the bus carriage and the starting and ending stations. Among them, the publicity column in the carriage is divided into two forms of plug-in and LED, and the replacement work is being actively promoted.Article 15 of the Rules also stipulates how to punish passengers who violate the rules shall be dissuaded and stopped by employees of the operating enterprises.If the suppression is ineffective, the employees of the operating enterprise shall have the right to refuse to provide services to the enterprise.Article 16: Those who violate these Rules and cause personal or property damage to others shall bear corresponding legal liabilities according to law;Those who disrupt public order, traffic safety and public security shall be dealt with by the public security organ according to law.Any violation of these rules on public health and other emergencies shall be dealt with by relevant departments according to law.Source: author: Shanghai traffic