Langzhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a commendation conference

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Summary | endeavor in one hundred Sheer seeks the Marty natalegawa – LangZhong TCM hospital in 2021 and praise conference time flies, time flies.In 2021, under the leadership of the Hospital Party Committee and administration, all cadres and staff of Langzhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine gather together, abide by integrity and innovation, make new progress in all work, fulfill their duties and forge ahead to ensure the health of people in the city.This year, we keep pace with The Times and strive for excellence in the centenary of the founding of the Party.In the past year, we overcame difficulties and marched forward under the heavy responsibility of epidemic prevention and control.In the past year, we have made great progress in TCM work.In order to commend advanced hospitals and boost morale, the 2021 Hospital Review and Praise Conference was held in the Golden Dragon Conference Hall on January 26, 2022.The meeting was presided over by The vice president Cheng Xiaohan. The leaders of the hospital, middle-level cadres and staff representatives of all departments attended the meeting. The meeting began with the singing of the hospital song.At the meeting, Yang Bilin, the Party Secretary of the Academy, read out the decision to commend advanced Collecties and Individuals in 2021, the 7th document of Levant Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2022).Chen Dujuan, vice president, read the “Decision to commend Advanced Collectives and Individuals in Ideological Work” document no. 8 of Levant TCM Committee (2022).Leading group for the award of individual and collective awards after the end of the academy commission for discipline inspection Secretary Du Xiaobing made at the meeting “tree new wind open new bureau spectrum new chapter” cadre style rectification special action mobilization speech.Yang Bilin, secretary of the Party Committee, made a talk on the special action of reciting cadres’ work style and building a clean government during the 2022 Spring Festival.Dean Li Hongbing made the annual summary report entitled “forge ahead for a new century, strive for a new chapter”.The report summarized and reviewed the work of 2021 in ten aspects, including Party building and the construction of Party conduct and clean government, project construction, epidemic prevention and control, discipline construction, TCM characteristics, and cultural publicity.Dean lee says that in the past year, our comb wind and the rain ceaseless, implementation in the seven campus first phase project complex building relocation and begin formal operation, phase ii project has to break ground, the rhythm of the hospital development has put us into a new round of track, we give is not only the development of the hospital’s mission, but also the responsibility of all cadres and workers, is the health and well-being of the people in the city.He encouraged and called on the staff of the hospital to remain true to their original aspiration and strive for the development of the hospital in 2022.The conference ended in the passionate national anthem.Langzhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine