Liwan | “1 team” Spring Festival writing “dedicated blessing”, Duobao Street to promote the high-quality development of Yongqing Square

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Traffic control, fire investigation, safety inspection……During the Spring Festival of 2022, Duobao Sub-district office carefully set up a “1 team” to comprehensively carry out social patrol prevention and control and city management during the Spring Festival.They stick to their posts, love their jobs and dedication to interpret the most beautiful “dedication to happiness”, guarding thousands of families to enjoy the Spring Festival.It is reported that since January 14, 2022, Duobao street to establish the central group, street cadres and workers, community as the focus of the three-level linkage learning mechanism, adhere to the “embroidery kung fu” to promote high-quality development of the street.Duobao street related person in charge said that the street combined with the flow of people during the Spring Festival, dense traffic and the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control and the development of Yongqing Square, during the Spring Festival to create “1 team” mode, with “micro” service condensing the great power of convenience, become a street service tourists, residents, business new name cards and new highlights.Multi – treasure street organized cadres and workers held thematic learning meetings.Multi – treasure street office director Liu Yuan organized the yongqing square area non – motor vehicle standard orderly parking special rectification work deployment meeting.Integration of resources, create the “1 + N” joint law enforcement mechanism stupa streets integrate departments (the department), police station, market supervision, vanke real estate company and volunteer resources, such as street party working, office as a core, cooperation with related departments and various forces, structures, joint law enforcement “1 + N” structure, create a good situation to build work.”The joint law enforcement mechanism is led by the street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, adhere to the focus on solving the key and difficult points, according to the key areas of law enforcement and actual needs, the first time to determine the need to participate in the joint law enforcement units, call other departments and units to participate at any time, quickly assemble and start the joint law enforcement.The person in charge introduced.Duobao Street to create a “1+N” joint law enforcement mechanism.Duobao street “1 team” joint law enforcement.It is understood that from January 31 to February 10, the “1 team” joint inspection found and disposal of 21 fire safety hazards, the disposal of theft and personnel lost 1 case each, rectification of disorderly selling and other “six disorderly” behavior 15 cases.The street set up 194 non-motor vehicle parking areas, marked a total length of 1940 meters, parking area of 1552 square meters, can park about 2450 non-motor vehicles, to ensure the Spring Festival yongqing Square scenic spot and other key areas of non-motor vehicle static management orderly operation.Focused, efficient law enforcement treasure brother learned that during the Spring Festival, the streets on “you should call me, three-level linkage” command center platform, build up “1 minute response available 15 minutes, 3 minutes to go out,” the rapid disposal of the circle, effective crack comprehensive administrative law enforcement efficiency is not high, the poor, such as pain points, difficult points, further implement the “flattening” command,As a whole the street law enforcement force to form a “chess game”.In the afternoon of February 2, the staff found that there were traveling merchants in Yongqing Square through the command center platform, and issued instructions through the command platform at 5 p.m. that day.After receiving the order, the “1 team” rushed to the scene immediately and persuaded the unlicensed traveling businessmen to leave. They also carried out legal publicity, criticism and education, and popularized the city appearance environment, food safety and other related laws and regulations. Finally, the traveling businessmen agreed to leave.”From issuing orders to reporting results, all procedures are carried out through the integrated management mode of ‘big data + command center +1 team’.It took them 15 minutes to get to the scene and solve the problem.””Said the superintendent.Duobao street “1 team” advised from yongqing square tourist attractions in the unlicensed business.During the Spring Festival, yongqing Square tourist area in the traffic smooth.In addition, the street held several safety production meetings, analysis of the street safety production situation.During the Spring Festival, work safety publicity will be carried out both online and offline, and self-rescue and mutual rescue skills and escape skills will be popularized to community residents to improve the emergency response ability of grassroots people.”1 team” in Duobao Street carried out fire safety inspection on key places such as rented houses and gas shops within its jurisdiction.As of February 10, the street leadership team carried out fire safety inspection 56 times, 38 inspection teams of 315 people, found 132 hidden dangers, issued 108 documents of law enforcement inspection, ordered the rectification of 24 hidden dangers, registered 1 case.On February 4, Duobao street “1 team” urged the catering responsible person to do a good job during the Spring Festival safety work.Correspondent: Chen Wenwen of Duobao Sub-district Office Source: Micro-community EJiatong Yueyun Duobao (wechat id: XXsbejTDB)