Nest to draw the phoenix!Jingxing investment of 800 million yuan!

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Jingxing hebei province economic development zone, focusing on the main business, work on the key target, the mission decomposition scheme, as the development zone in the spirit of the county party committee plenary session of the current and future a period of important political task, ask for each project and subcontract inversion period, “the bartender” chart, the daily summary project construction schedule, full open park project construction.Zhao Zhigang photography to enhance the guarantee of elements, the overall promotion of energy level.In accordance with the “nesting on a” development ideas, with a total investment of 800 million yuan, jingxing hebei province economic development zone (north) infrastructure upgrade and industry development project to complete the development zone land consolidation of the PPP projects, planning road, supporting facilities, standardized workshop, environment improvement, etc., with high quality hardware environment booster quality development.We will improve the business environment and promote targeted investment investment.First, focusing on the leading industries of the DEVELOPMENT zone, a number of large and good domestic and foreign projects with high technological level, strong industrial correlation, large development space and strong driving force should be put into operation.Second, with the help of foreign chambers of commerce, practical platforms, industrial parks and other “external forces”, vigorously carry out industrial chain investment, entrusted investment, investment by business and other precise investment.Third, actively explore district-level cooperation and “enclave economy” to achieve joint construction, joint management and shared benefits, complementary advantages and coordinated development.Adhere to the “project is king”, speed up project construction.First, we should focus on the construction of existing projects and strive to start the construction of new contracted projects as soon as possible. The land group registration procedure of PPP projects will be started before the Spring Festival, and construction will start this year. In September, the construction of rural revitalization industrial park will be completed, and Daoxiang Village will be settled successfully.The construction of the three contracted projects in Liyun Industrial Park started in February and was completed in September. By the end of October, 90% of the investment was attracted.The solid-state lithium battery project started in March and was completed for trial production in August.The single screw project started in March and was completed in October for trial production.Second, the projects under construction should be completed as soon as possible: Jingsteel Intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park (Tenghu, Albrecht, Zhonghanhongtuo completed the main plant construction by the end of June, Jinglun Intelligent manufacturing completed the main plant construction by the end of August);The main plant construction will be completed by the end of July.The railway-rail multimodal transport reform (expansion) project will complete the main greenhouse construction by the end of May.Weiyin Logistics project will be completed in October.Third, the completed projects should be put into production as soon as possible to achieve efficiency: the auto parts remanufacturing project will be put into production in March;Four is to achieve the effect of the project as soon as possible and steadily improve, push forward the stubble, driving the county economy to achieve a big step.We will improve our capacity for scientific and technological innovation and increase the growth rate of major economic indicators.First, we will speed up the construction of a platform for scientific and technological innovation, cultivate more than 10 small and medium-sized enterprises that apply for scientific and technological development, more than 2 high-tech enterprises, and more than 2 new industrial enterprises above the designated level.The second is to increase the strength of enterprises to find out the bottom, so as to do all.The author | Dong Xize pictures | frank zhao edit | xiao-hong han mailbox |