Pig prices fell miserably, north and south market “qi diving”, what happened?February 6th pig price!

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Article/pig market frontier pig prices fell miserably, north and South market “qi diving”, what happened?February 6th pig price!Round and round, the Spring Festival holiday came to an end, many people began to set out, the domestic pig market has gradually returned to rational!Supply is relatively easy, because the holiday market pigs during the Spring Festival, prices strong sideways, farmers in order to preempt the high prices, higher market mood spurt, live pig market supply is relatively loose, however, due to the consumer market into the “frozen” period, the consumption side perfunctory, slaughtering enterprises shipment of fresh white face serious pressure, therefore,Slaughter enterprises start to reduce procurement sentiment is higher, the operating rate is also hovering at a low level, supported by the market stage bad weather, pig prices fell miserably, the north and south market “qi Diving”!Specific analysis is as follows:According to pig price data, the domestic and foreign three yuan pig price, the average market price fell to 13.72 yuan/kg, pig price compared with yesterday (5 days) fell to 0.53 yuan, the pig price fell miserably, and the three yuan and soil pigs also fell significantly, among them, the average price of three yuan pig fell to 13.3 yuan/kg, soil pig price fell to 12.76 yuan,Drop as high as 0.7 yuan/kg!It is understood that based on the current corn market horizontal 2814 yuan/ton, pig grain ratio dropped to 4.88:1!Pig profits further wilted, pig market losses deepen pig prices substantially dropped, north and south market “qi diving”!In the 31 provinces and cities that can be monitored in the country, the pig price rose only in Zhejiang, Fujian, Xinjiang, Hunan, Guangdong and Chongqing, the market rose 0.05~0.93 yuan, zhejiang and Chongqing market rose outstanding performance!In the fall area, as many as 25 provinces and cities, pig prices generally fell 0.06~0.87 yuan, as much as the pig price fell more than 0.6 yuan/kg!Among them, in the northeast market, the market generally fell to about 0.5 yuan/kg, including Heilongjiang market fell to 12.14 yuan, Jilin and Liaoning average price fell to 13.09~13.2 yuan/kg!And south China high price area, Guangdong market narrow shock, among them, Guangxi 14.7 yuan, Guangdong 15.45 yuan/kg!Hog prices fall, prices as if overnight before back to the Spring Festival, this round of market fell sharply, personally, tu bounty expected effect to enterprises, the farmers market sentiment rebounded, easing pig market supply and marketing performance, as a result of the consumer market in a deep downturn phase, slaughtering enterprises adjust the pace of pigs, pig emotion surge, reducing the periodic source of pig slaughtering enterprises to the factory,This has also intensified the performance of the price pressure enterprises!Therefore, the balance of supply and demand of the market is gradually tilted, and the market is gradually entering the stage of “strong supply and weak demand”. The price of domestic pigs falls sharply, and the north and south market, pig price “qi diving”!However, this is not the bottom of the pig price, as the market supply and demand game intensified, pig prices will continue to find the bottom!Analysis according to the personage inside course of study, as a result of domestic pigs living high sideways, at the end of 2021, the sow amount of super scale has reached 5.6%, sow the amount is high, the market supply of live pigs will continue continue to loose, into the first half of the year of the tiger, consumers have become accustomed to pork prices at this stage, the basis of the lack of obvious boost pork consumption,And by the market pig pressure column gradually increased, pig supply further loose, pig prices will show a trend of fluctuation down, farmers short-term price is also difficult to support market strength, into the second quarter of the domestic pig prices will hit a new stage of the bottom, pig prices may fall below 5 yuan/catty risk!Pig prices fell miserably, north and south market “qi diving”, what happened?Vigilant pig prices continue to find the bottom!What do you think about that?The above is the author’s personal view, the picture comes from the network, the content is for reference only!Want to know more exciting content, come to the forefront of the pig market