Wenzhou Longgang upgraded to a county-level city, zhejiang province in the province’s counties and cities in the row?

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A few years ago, longgang town officially upgraded to Longgang City.Upgrading from a town to a county was a bit of a publicity stunt, but it was relatively common in the 1980s.In terms of overall strength, Longgang Town at that time was not only a well-known strong town in Wenzhou, but also a model of strong town in Zhejiang province.If longgang town in Zhejiang ranked the first strong town some exaggeration, but among the top three is completely no problem.Exactly speaking, zhejiang strong town pattern at that time, only Yueqing liu town and Longgang town have a contest.Many views have already been put forward, as longgang town to upgrade to a county-level city, liu town also began to lonely.We believe that with the advent of the era of urban agglomeration and metropolitan area, the comprehensive development of strong towns is undoubtedly weakening slowly, but the industrial manufacturing and other economic fields are strengthening.Public information shows that Longgang, as a county-level city, does not set up township streets, directly administered by Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou city.In recent years, the lifting of hukou restrictions in big cities has provided a stable endorsement for the “competition for talent” in second-tier cities.Wenzhou, as a representative of zhejiang’s rich city, has been worried about the outflow of population.Especially in the southern wenzhou region, a large number of businessmen struggle throughout the country.Then the longgang upgrade to the county level city, will also let Wenzhou form a stronger cohesion.In the list of thousands of strong towns in Our country, there are many stronger than Longgang, why only Longgang has become a county-level city?Industry scholars put forward that for Longgang, the town’s administrative division has long been unable to bear the huge economic aggregate and population scale.Since the 1980s, The area of Longgang has expanded from 5.2 square kilometers to 183.99 square kilometers, with a population of more than 5,000 to 382,000 and 30 communities of 73 administrative villages under its jurisdiction.At present, the total economic output of Longgang has exceeded 30 billion yuan, the per capita GDP is close to 80,000 yuan, and the urbanization rate has reached 63.2%.So longgang, as a strong town in Zhejiang province to upgrade to a county-level city, can rank in the province’s counties and urban areas?Public information shows that in 2021, the total GDP of Longgang is 34.034 billion yuan, with an increment of 2.394 billion yuan, and the nominal growth rate is only 7.57%.In the same period, Longgang’s growth rate was at the lowest level of Wenzhou.In terms of economic aggregate, Longgang ranks fourth from the bottom, only ahead of Taishun, Dongtou and Wencheng.In the ranking of counties and cities in Zhejiang province, Longgang has been ranked after 60, and its results are not outstanding.Even on a per capita basis, Longgang is lower than some traditional counties with larger permanent populations.During the same period, cangnan’s GDP was 39.962 billion yuan, with a nominal growth rate of more than 10%.And Pingyang’s GDP in 2021 has broken through 60 billion yuan, becoming the leader of the three coastal counties and cities south of Wenzhou.We believe that although Longgang has become a county-level city, there is still a long way to go for its future development.Local netizens also said that the current industrial manufacturing industry in Longgang lack of bright spots, investment is also more general.However, the development of Longgang has just started, and the problems it faces are indeed more.How to integrate the industrial resources in the south of Wenzhou and the resources of foreign businessmen is a big problem in front of Longgang and Wenzhou.With the promotion of wenzhou urban construction, the popularity of rail transit, the development of longgang, Cangnan and other counties will usher in a new rhythm.So what do you think about the future development of Longgang and Wenzhou?