Whether the iPhone13 bought with billions of dollars of subsidies from P can be 100% safe off the bus

2022-07-06 0 By

Is a lot of people would rather spend more money can’t buy mobile phone in the P evening to evening, before I was heading for the hills, but there is a once in the zhongguancun online villagers went to the department of digital P evening to evening, once he is responsible for the activities, the author on the billions subsidies businessman bought a iPhone11, big tests, the real thing is released new unopened, safety off.Later also bought several other digital small household appliances, of course, are also billions of subsidies, have not encountered a problem, in fact, many businesses not only in P Xi Xi, in a cat, some east are open shop, the price is basically the same.Of course, the author did not have a problem, does not mean that others did not have problems, there are users online to share their own experience: bought iPhone13 phone, corner, border has several obvious scratches.What does that mean? This phone should be a used phone, and there is a high possibility that it is a repackaged phone.Think about it, of course, the in the mind is not comfortable, although 10 billion subsidies are relatively cheap, but WHAT I bought is new genuine, how to become someone else used refurbished?Because I did not activate the iPhone13, I communicated with the customer service to return it, but also found a reason for the express to open the package face to face.Funny is want to give 20 yuan compensation, do not agree to return, ha ha.I contacted the customer service of P xi Xi decisively, and finally the refund was successful.Netizens’ messages are also very down-to-earth: 1, family, P xi Xi billions of subsidies are not new!2, fidelity does not guarantee new, billions of subsidies like gambling, I bought the iPad is ok.3, I will never buy more than a hundred yuan of goods in P xi Xi, P Xi Xi is the hunting ground….4. The iPhone12 I bought from guanzhishi also has defects at the corners. I don’t know why?Website returns are really easy.5. The first one I bought at the authorized store in Vientiane city had scratches on the card slot. He said to compensate me one hundred, but I thought it was short, so I removed a new one.6, you should be a second sale, the last customer returned do not.In the author’s opinion, FROM the perspective of P Xi Xi, they will definitely require businesses to sell new authentic products. After all, the sales volume of billions of yuan of subsidies is so large, and they can get off safely.Of course, there are also not safe to get off the car, which also shows that some secondary sales of goods, in case of easy to talk, too troublesome consumers, in a treasure, some east of the three parties in the business is also some.In general, such official customer service is also to full refund, to put it bluntly, or to see the official remediation efforts.