A man in Anhui province attacked his wife with a hammer and box cutter after they had a quarrel

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Some men, you leave him is not safe, let alone living together.Internet celebrity Ram is after divorce, but also by her ex-husband poured gasoline burned to death, so far this case is still in the second trial.A woman with a forever sweet smile, a mother of three children, was killed by the father of her children, because there are only 0 and countless times of domestic violence, it is impossible to change.On January 24, 2022, a man in Anhui province was prosecuted, also for attacking his ex-wife.The man, who had been living with his wife after divorce, attacked her after a quarrel.Ouyang Jianjiang, formerly known as Ouyang mou A, was born in 1988, Huoqiu County, Anhui Province, university degree, but jobless, living in Lu ‘an city, Anhui Province.Ouyang went through divorce procedures in December 2020, but they have not separated.On March 18, 2021, Ouyang Jian and Yu will have an argument at their home in Jin ‘an District of the city over trivial matters. Ouyang Jian will beat Yu, and Yu will leave with their children.At about 13:00 on March 20, the two of them quarreled again at home. Ouyang became angry and took out a hammer and a box cutter from the cabinet of the bathroom.At first, he struck yu on the head with a short hammer for more than 10 times, and then cut yu on the neck with a box cutter. After ouyang b appeared and Yu begged, Ouyang jian stopped the violence, dialed 110 and 120 emergency numbers, and fled the scene.According to the identification of lu ‘an Public Security Judicial Identification Center, the victim Yu’s neck injury was grade 1, head, face and right hand injury were grade 2, and left hand injury was minor.After the case, the defendant Ouyang Jian will be arrested by the public security organs.Ouyang Jianjiang was detained by Jin ‘an Branch of Lu ‘an Public Security Bureau on March 21, 2021 on suspicion of intentional homicide.The arrest was approved on 30 March of the same year and carried out by the bureau the next day.Prosecutors believe that the defendant Ouyang Jian will intentionally kill with a weapon, his behavior violated the provisions of the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 232, the facts of the crime is clear, the evidence is solid, sufficient, should be investigated for intentional homicide criminal responsibility.The defendant Ouyang Jian will automatically and effectively prevent the result from happening in the process of committing the crime, which applies to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 24 of the law, and belongs to the discontinuation of the crime.To initiate a public prosecution in accordance with Article 176 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China.For such a man, should leave forever, otherwise hurt, must be their own.Correction, for such a man, does not exist.