“I do practical things for the masses” to the countryside: community service warm hearts of residents flag table thanks

2022-07-07 0 By

On the morning of February 15, there was a touching scene in jinli community. Avaguri Niyazi, a resident of the district, sent a banner with the words “Love the people and do things for the benefit of the people” to Jing Chunzhi, the first secretary of the community, to express her heartfelt thanks to the community for their care and help.Visit household community cadres, AWaGuLi, o son of omar niyaz force wood river, ai is tula in October 2020, found out the left leg with bone cancers, cancers of the medical school in xinjiang had amputation surgery and to prevent cancer cells to spread to regular chemotherapy, chemotherapy cost 10000 yuan or so every time, let this is cleaner AWaGuLi encountered economic difficulties,After surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy, their lives were pushed to the edge of despair.After learning the situation, the jinli Community “Visit hui Gathering” team and community leaders contacted social security departments and charity organizations, issued an initiative to call for donations and mobilized relatives to lend a helping hand, and raised more than 10,000 yuan in just over 10 days.Community officials also brought gifts and nutrients to visit the sick Alimujiang Ainatula. They not only provided material help, but also provided spiritual care and encouragement to the mother and her son, enabling them to gain sunshine warmth and move forward with more confidence.The selfless care and help of the community workers, just like the warm and clenched hands of countless pairs of sunshine, gave him hope and confidence in life, gave his family great comfort, let him and his family feel the great love of solidarity and mutual help of people of all ethnic groups under the leadership of the Party and the government.Although the banner is small, it contains the people’s affirmation of the community work, is a great encouragement to the community staff.Yingxixiang Jinli community will take this as an opportunity to make persistent efforts in the future work and continue to do practical and good things for residents.(Correspondent Zhao Qianqian)