Is Korea always able to refresh our perception of shamelessness

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Article | Zhao Wen edit | ZiMu on February 9, to be held in the capital gymnasium in Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games in the men’s 1500 m final project short track speed skating, south Korean contestant Huang Daxian won the championship.It was South Korea’s first gold medal of the Games.”Tonight was the cleanest game and the happiest night of my career,” Hwang said in an interview after the match. “If I were in Korea right now, I would eat a lot.”With cheetah’s high-speed omni-camera surveillance, there was no hiding from foul play in these Games, arguably the most fair and impartial Olympics ever.Of course, koreans don’t think so.On February 7, hwang Dae-heon and Lee Jun-su were disqualified from the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating final.Immediately after, South Korea began a national collapse, will lose all anger vented on the Chinese team.The South Korean team has appealed the reason for Hwang dae-heon’s penalty in the 1,000m semi-final.In a statement on its official website, the INTERNATIONAL Ski Federation rejected South Korea’s appeal and said the penalty was fine.South Korean media called Hwang’s “absurd disqualification” and described him as “unbelievable, speechless and nightmare night.”The Korean media openly claimed that Hwang dae-heon was restrained and blocked by The Chinese players, and still “broke through the difficulties and won the first place, but the judges finally decided that he was disqualified from the competition”.In South Korea, public opinion is heated, and the public thinks that their players have been unfairly punished.Not only the social media account of Wu Dajing, but also the technical coach of our short track speed skating team, ahn Hyun-soo, the former South Korean speed skating star, was posted online.It really is, in capitals — a sore loser.When it comes to short track speed skating, South Korea is the dirtiest.There were so many gory examples of South Korea’s controversial speed skating practices at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics that the International Skating Federation rewrote the rules in more detail.In the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, South Korea, as the host country, won 5 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze MEDALS by virtue of the advantage of the host country. However, this Olympic Games was so controversial, so many penalties and so dirty that it refreshed the recognition of athletes from all countries as “shameless”.”The Pyeongchang Olympics is a big joke!Can someone tell me why China and Canada are punished and Korea is not?The Olympics need to be fair, not favoring anyone.””South Korea is a country without any sportsmanship and without any sense of shame.”As the host country, the short track speed skating event of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has a high-speed omni-directional camera shooting, which makes the right and wrong all clear, clear and transparent.For no other reason, we do not need gold MEDALS to prove the rise of great powers. We are more willing to embrace the spirit of fair competition, inclusiveness and equality and have a real competition of strength.In the men’s 1,500-meter event, where Hwang Dae-heon won the gold medal, Lim Ziwei, Korea’s top seed, finished third in the semifinals, but was ruled out of the final due to a hand foul.Responding to the foul call, Ren ziwei said he had been thinking about the final in his mind during the semifinal and how to win the final, so he didn’t pay attention to the details of the match.Ren admitted: “MAYBE the burden is a little heavy.”He also urged people not to dwell on their foul play: “Think of me as a little transparent. Don’t report on me. I don’t like to keep trending.”The response was frank and dignified, won aboveboard, lost also candidly.There is no such thing as a winner who always compets cleanly and opens his mind to the result. Even if he doesn’t win a medal, Ren Ziwei is still a hero in our hearts.After Hwang Dae-heon won the men’s 1,500-meter short track speed skating title, we did not mock him or abuse him. Instead, we sent sincere wishes.Many netizens said, “Hwang dae-heon is really capable.Wouldn’t it be nice to win the championship clean like this?””If Korean netizens see Chinese netizens rushing to congratulate Hwang dae-heon for winning the first place, koreans will not be able to overcome their defense.”South Korean President Moon Jae-in tweeted his congratulations to Hwang: “Congratulations to Hwang Dae-hun on winning the men’s 1500m short track speed skating gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. You won the first gold medal that no one can take away with overwhelming strength.I am very happy with the long-awaited news, it is a feat to wipe the SLATE clean after 1000 metres.”It is a great encouragement for the Korean team and I hope they can enjoy the rest of the competition.”This tweet, between the lines are all in the connotation of China, ridiculous!”We won the first gold medal that no one can take away with overwhelming strength,” which means that the Korean team should have won more than one gold medal, but it was taken away by others.”Wipe away the injustice of 1000 meters”, our Korean team in the 1000 meters event was overruled by the referee, the unfair penalty allowed China to win the championship.It’s a long time to see a leader take the field in person.The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation has issued an official statement, detailing the rules and facts of its decision, and South Korea is still furious from top to bottom, with politicians stoking populism.Ahn Cheol-soo, presidential candidate of the people Power party, the main opposition party, said on his social media platform, “The Korean athletes’ hard work and sweat have gone down the drain due to the ruling on dirty, and our athletes’ gold MEDALS have been stolen. China should immediately cancel the ruling and return our gold MEDALS.”Can’t afford to play, don’t play, can’t afford to lose, don’t play.What can the people do if the president has no structure?Some Koreans destroyed the Chinese flag in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul.There are two Koreans beating Chinese students in the street……What the hell can a man do?South Korea is permeated with petty spirit from top to bottom.From the moment they moved into the Olympic Village, The South Korean athletes picked on all kinds of things, saying that the dishes were full of meat and the apartments were not comfortable.Compared to the excitement of athletes from other countries, Koreans seem to be participating in the Winter Olympics in a different time.After all, the last Winter Olympics were held in South Korea. No comparison means no harm. If China is good, won’t it appear that South Korea was too bad?The pyeongChang Winter Olympics has never had such a delicious meal.Many athletes made fun of the Tokyo Olympic Games a year ago, but Japanese reporters did not pull any travails, all truthfully reported;And Japanese athletes also said that the food variety, food is delicious, in order to control the weight, we are careful not to eat too much.But south Korean athletes are not the same, saying that the food in Beijing Winter Olympics is not good, the food is very greasy, does not meet the taste of South Korea.Yoon Seong-bin, the men’s skeleton bobsled champion at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, said the food prepared for the Beijing Winter Olympics was the worst he had ever eaten at an Olympics, the Chosun Ilbo reported.He even said he doubted whether Chinese people could cook at all.Another South Korean speed skater, Chung Jae-won, also joked about the difference in food compared to the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea.South Korea also said it would send more than 10 chefs to the Village to provide meals for the athletes.Make fun of my Chinese food is inferior to human, you guys who eat kimchi every day also match?!!!!!!!!!Regardless of how our netizens respond to these garbage comments, even Japanese netizens can’t stand the comments of South Korea, saying that the Taste of South Koreans is filled with jealousy and prejudice.Some Japanese netizens criticized: “Mountain pigs can’t eat fine bran.”Originally, the impression of Korea is “stealing.”Yan Di is a Korean, Yellow Emperor is a Korean, Confucius is a Korean, Xi Shi is a Korean, Qu Yuan is a Korean, Cao Cao is a Korean, Li Bai is a Korean, Li Shangyin is a Korean, Li Shizhen is a Korean…By the way, Sakyamuni was also Korean.Kimchi was invented in Korea, dance was invented in Korea, Chinese characters were invented in Korea, Traditional Chinese medicine was invented in Korea, Dragon Boat Festival was invented in Korea, Hanfu was invented in Korea, Chinese New Year was invented in Korea, Tai Chi was invented in Korea, Compendium of Materia Medica was invented in Korea…Two of Guo’s crosstalk jokes hit the nail on the head: “What did the Chinese invent?””The Chinese invented the Koreans.””The world belongs to us as well as to you, but ultimately it belongs to koreans.”It is not uncommon for Koreans who can break the defense with a single gesture.This inferiority bias has been on display since the beginning of the Winter Olympics: When Korean girls wore traditional costumes at the opening ceremony, they were angry. Why did they wear our clothes?Did not get the gold medal, the whole country was angry, the referee black whistle only let China win the championship……Some scholars say, Korea is a country with extremely poor resources and culture, and it has been living a poor life without a sense of existence for a long time. As a result, the national character of Korea is very twisted and the national pride is extremely strong, which leads to Korea s morbid sports competition.So, for South Korea, can be shameless, can not not the gold medal!