Once the “Kunlun guard”, his wife’s grave before a kneel touched the people, now he lived how?

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The New Tibet Line is an important traffic artery in western Tibet, but the road covers more than 1,000 kilometers at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level. This road is characterized by thin oxygen, changeable climate, steep terrain, snowstorms, mudslides and avalanches. Local people call this road “The Road of Death”.But for soldiers, for Zhang Liangshan, this road has not know how many times, and how many times with death brush by, zhang Liangshan enlisted in 1986, in two years walked by the gate of death, that is in October, Zhang Liangshan is responsible for a transport mission.On the way, one of the car parts is broken, he will lend the car parts to the driver for emergency, the results of his car is broken, Zhang Liangshan let the aide to take parts, he left to see the car, who knows several days of snow directly blocked the road, coupled with the collapse, Zhang Liangshan was trapped.He waited day after day on the snow-covered mountain. His comrades left only two days’ supply of dry food, which was soon exhausted. It was freezing inside the tin truck.After 15 days in a row, relief to catch up in arms, Zhang Liangshan have become a “wild man” at this time, his lips turned purple, his eyes deep, people became so thin skin and bones, he also thought he might come, also carved on the letter on the ground, the danger is not just only this time, but the soldiers are held up.In 1992, Zhang Liangshan was 28 years old, even “Kunlun guards” also need to face marriage, he was introduced by some people, he knew his wife He Guili, but the two married only ten days, Zhang Liangshan quickly rushed back to the army because of the task, his wife later letter, told him pregnant.Zhang Liangshan overjoyed, in order to be able to take good care of his wife, his wife received the army, when his wife was about to give birth, just catch up with the heavy snow season, the army has a transport mission, if before the heavy snow did not transport out, the soldiers stationed on the mountain are hungry and cold, the situation is also critical.Zhang Liangshan negotiations with his wife, though he live up to his wife, but his wife still support this task, but he never thought that his wife will be during the childbirth, children have no cover down, because his wife bleeding also fast support not to live, such as Zhang Liangshan rushed to the hospital, his wife just said to him: “later, down the mountain road, slower”.On the day of his wife’s burial, he put on his military uniform and military MEDALS and made a solemn military salute to his wife and children. Kneeling in front of the grave, he made a tombstone for her with his own hands. Before the inscription was finished, an urgent task was issued and Zhang Liangshan volunteered for the task.Zhang Liangshan stationed in Ali for nearly thirty years, he has also started a new life, remarried his wife, he was removed from the post of equipment section chief, county armed minister, military equipment minister, no matter how the position changes, he has been in the service of the people, for the soldier service.Works in the office, since every year in 2 months time equipment inspections under the border, mentoring, with your hands in mine after get up every day the first thing is to the library room inspection, after lights out at night, he and check again, due to long-term by ultraviolet light, he has suffered from allergic dermatitis, peel off layer after layer on the face, even severe purulent infection.Doctors advised him not to work on the construction site, but Zhang Liangshan always said with a smile: “Sitting in an office, how can you do well in the equipment work.” Since ancient times, loyalty and loyalty are difficult to achieve both, Zhang Liangshan just tried his best to do the best.