The more you ride, the friendlier your city will be.

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Copenhagen, known as “the world’s most bike-friendly city”.As early as 2016, the number of bicycles in Copenhagen surpassed the number of cars to become the city of bicycles.According to statistics, more than 62% of residents use bicycles as a means of transportation for work, commute or school, and each person in the city rides a total of 1.44 million kilometers per day!What is a bike-friendly city?According to the Copenhagenize Index, the most comprehensive ranking of bicycle-friendly cities in the world, a city can only be considered bicycle-friendly if it meets a certain level of cycling infrastructure, cycling culture and policies.When we think of Chinese cities, we always think of “fast” and “efficient”.With neon lights flashing and cars roaring, speed has become an important indicator of its development level.It is at these times that the true charm of a city is revealed by the opposite side.When, for example, a city is not just about speed, but is just as friendly to slow traffic as cycling, those subtle feelings can move between two wheels and connect with the city without having to look through glass.When you walk and stop, you feel the wind and the light in the city with your skin, the ringing car bell reminds and greets you, and the distance measured is no longer the cold numbers on the screen, but the feet pushing the pedals.At present, the culture of cycling in China is developing rapidly, especially as the epidemic has brought great changes to our lives, and as a means of outdoor transportation, it is also easier to maintain social distancing.So as a trend or trend, there are more and more people around who want to have their own bike.Today, let’s take stock of the current audience of 4 road car brands, as well as its entry styles?The DOMANE AL series road bike launched by TREK can be said to lower the threshold of its own brand of road cars, enabling more people to ride TREK.But as an entry-level road car, the DOMANE AL 3 uses only TREK 100 ALPHA aluminum for its frame, although it comes with a carbon fiber ISOSPEED front fork that increases the comfort and durability of the aluminum road car.The DOMANE AL 3 can be used in a wide range of applications, not only for entry-level riding, but also for Gravel riding. With a maximum support of 35C, the DOMANE AL 3 is an all-round road vehicle.The latest generation EMONDA SL6 features a new aerodynamic frame design that allows it to climb hills faster than ever before.EMONDA SL6 is made from lightweight 500 Series OCLV carbon fibre with internal wiring management for better aerodynamics and visual effects.In addition, the H1.5 geometry of the EMONDA SL6 enables the rider to maintain an ideal aerodynamic riding position.Complete SHIMANO ULTEGRA 2 x 11 speed kit and Bontrager-compatible vacuum wheel sets, flat-mounted disc brakes give better braking power and more precise control.The SPECIALIZED Entry Vehicle: ALLEZ E5 SPORTALLEZ This collection has an important place in the history of the Lightning brand.To this day, the ALLEZ still represents the aluminum road car made by Lightning and has become the entry-level vehicle favored by a growing number of drivers.The ALLEZ E5 SPORT features a newly designed E5 aluminum frame with thinner tube walls but higher strength. The frame and front fork together weigh about 450g less than the previous generation.FACT carbon fiber front fork for a smoother and lighter ride.If you are looking for a great, cost-effective road car to start your road car career, choose this one.Giant entry vehicle: THE SCR 2SCR 2 frame is made of Giant’s own ALUXX SL aluminum, which can effectively control the overall weight while ensuring the strength of the frame. The SCR 2 weighs 9.74kg, which is a slight advantage in this class of vehicles.The SCR 2 uses an internal wiring design, which makes the overall appearance very simple and clean.The seat is paired with a Contact series seat, common on Giant’s more advanced road cars, for a more comfortable ride.The SCR 2 is a good choice for entry-level road riders on a budget.The Stella 94/95 is a classic model of Merida. It is designed for sports and sports. It is equipped with SHIMANO SORA variable speed system to meet the requirements of variable speed and ride comfort to a greater degree.The whole vehicle is made of aluminum alloy, x-shaped head tube, and the internal wiring design of variable speed brake make it more professional.I am Lao Wang, gong Dali