Brazil’s top supermodel, super short to party, curvy, long legs, sexy

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Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima attended a Vanity Fair party with her boyfriend.Looking leggy in a strapless miniskirt, orange leather trench coat and stiletto sandals, Adriana Lima has managed to keep her figure despite having two daughters.Adriana Lima has been the world’s sexiest model list for seven consecutive years, was also one of the top three models in the world appearance fee, Victoria’s Secret brand underwear signed the longest model, belong to her unique title is numerous, just because her sexy conquest of everyone.Adriana Lima was born in Brazil on June 12, 1981. She is of French, Portuguese, Japanese, Native American and Caribbean ancestry.Once voted by the media as one of the sexiest women in the world.She was 13 when she was spotted by a talent scout in a large shopping mall in her hometown of Bahia, Brazil.Her modeling career began two years later when she won the Ford Top Model Competition in Brazil and was named runner-up in the Ford Global Top Model Competition.A lot of people met Adriana Lima through Victoria’s Secret.Adriana Lima ended her 19-year run on the Victoria’s Secret stage in 2018.Announcing her retirement, Adriana Lima said: “Dear Victoria’s Secret, you put me on the world stage, shared my best secrets, and most importantly, you not only gave me wings, you taught me how to fly.”We’ll never see Adriana Lima in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show again, but let’s hope she stays in the spotlight.