Large-scale cooling weather hit the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: scientific disaster prevention and reduction to ensure the safety of agricultural production

2022-07-08 0 By

People’s Daily Online Beijing, March 15 (reporter Li Nanhua) according to the Central Meteorological Observatory, the central and eastern regions will have a large range of precipitation process.Under the combined influence of rain, snow and cold air, the temperature drop in most parts of central and eastern China will be 4-8℃, with local temperatures reaching more than 10℃.Light to moderate snow or sleet fell in eastern Inner Mongolia, most of northeast China, and northern and western Xinjiang on Sunday, with some areas in eastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, and mountainous areas in northern Xinjiang experiencing heavy snow and snowfall locally.There will be widespread precipitation in central and eastern China from 16th to 17th.East, in southwest of jianghan, jianghuai, jiangnan most have to heavy rain, among them, the north southeast in eastern guizhou, chongqing, hunan, hubei, jiangxi of Middle East northern, central and southern anhui, parts of central and southern jiangsu and other places have a heavy rain, the above areas and accompanied with heavy rain, the local has the strong convective weather such as thunderstorm wind or hail.There was light to moderate snow or sleet in northern Xinjiang, eastern Northwest China, central and western Inner Mongolia, central and northern North China, and eastern Northeast China. There was heavy snow in Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains, central Inner Mongolia, and northern North China.According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, north China’s winter wheat has turned green, and will enter jointing in late March, rape and fruit trees have entered flowering, and vegetables have been planted in large areas, reducing cold resistance and vulnerable to freezing damage.Agricultural and rural departments across the country will take effective measures to prevent cooling weather, take proactive and scientific measures to mitigate the impact of disasters and ensure the safety of agricultural production.”Strengthen communication and consultation with meteorological departments, pay close attention to weather changes, according to the growth and development process of crops, especially the winter wheat jointing process, by region, by seedling situation, by crop science to determine the impact of cooling, timely release of early warning information, early implementation of defense measures.”Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that the development and improvement of targeted anti-freezing plan, guidance to implement key technical measures.We will strengthen emergency guard, strengthen disaster dispatch, early detection, accurate assessment, timely verification, summary and reporting, and ensure timely and accurate information reporting.At the same time, we must take scientific measures to prevent and mitigate natural disasters.In the northern winter wheat areas, farmers should be organized to apply topdressing and watering according to local conditions, and spray chemical control agents to promote the transformation and upgrading of seedling conditions and improve the ability to withstand cold and frost.Before the coming of cooling, plots with insufficient moisture content should be irrigated in time to adjust the microclimate near the ground layer and reduce the influence of cooling on wheat fields.After the occurrence of freezing injury, nitrogen fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and growth regulator should be applied in time to promote small tillers to drive large tillers, large tillers to produce more ears, and reduce the impact of disaster.The southern area should strengthen the management of rice seedling field, prevent low temperature overcast rain lead to rot seedlings;Strengthen rape field management, timely spraying borax fertilizer, phosphate potassium fertilizer, improve the resistance.Ponding fields should clear ditches and manage soil moisture in time.Early implementation of open-field vegetables and fruit tree anti-freezing measures, strengthening greenhouse, cooling after timely topdressing backsoil, promote crop recovery growth.