Li Zhihong went deep into the front-line investigation of emergency handling of snow and ice

2022-07-08 0 By

Days of rain and snow caused power cuts and impassable roads in parts of Liangtian Town.On February 23, Li Zhihong, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and head of the district, went deep into the front line to investigate the emergency handling of snow and rain.Investigation site, Li Zhihong detailed understanding of the disaster situation, and to participate in snow removal, repair of the frontline staff stick to their posts to pay attention to the hard work, at the same time told them to pay attention to safety in the operation, do a good job of warm measures.Li zhihong stressed that all levels and departments in the region should always adhere to the concept of people first, life first, safety first, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, always maintain readiness, pay close attention to weather changes, further improve emergency plans, strengthen material reserves, on duty, resolutely prevent accidents.To carry out deicing and snow removal operations, mobilize all kinds of materials and machinery equipment, to ensure the safety and smooth road;To speed up the progress of power repair, restore power supply as soon as possible;Efforts should be made to ensure the supply of basic goods such as lighting and warmth to the people in the affected areas, and provide warm and considerate services to maximize the understanding of the people.