Since February 16, jinan’s five viaduct ramp entrance diversion control

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Qilu network · Lightning news On February 11, according to jinan traffic police news, from February 16, Jinan will officially implement diversion control on 5 elevated ramp entrances,5 ramp entrances are north Park viaduct west to east – Huanggang Road ramp entrance, North Park Viaduct west to east – Lishan Road ramp entrance, North Industrial Viaduct west to east – Return to the township shop ramp entrance, second ring South Viaduct west to east Shunde Road ramp entrance, second ring South Viaduct east to west – Xiaogushan ramp entrance.When the vehicle runs to the above 5 ramp entrance of the viaduct, it should follow the following rules: 1.When the ramp entrance signal light shows green or yellow flash, the induction screen shows the road condition information, the driver can normally enter the elevated road, and pay attention to the left rear car, to ensure driving safety.2. When ramp entrance light shows red, induced screen prompts “ramp closed, please on the next entry bridge”, etc, the driver should be the main driving along the ground, the vehicle should avoid stay in ramp stop line, and the driver, please rest assured, ground carry at the same time open the green wave traffic roads, ensure smooth ground of the main road.Industrial north viaduct west to east return shop ramp entrance North park viaduct west to east huanggang road ramp entrance second ring south viaduct east to west xiaogushan ramp entrance second ring south viaduct west to east Shunde Road ramp entrance North Park Viaduct west to east Lishan Road ramp entrance according to the 2017 Ministry of Public Security issued GATAccording to the document 994-2017 Road Traffic Information Release Standards, congestion conditions of urban expressways should be clearly defined according to traffic speed (0-5 severe congestion, 5-20 severe congestion, 20-35 moderate congestion, 35-50 light congestion, 50-65 basically smooth, and above 65 smooth).When the speed of less than twenty produce severe congestion on the highway, the system will open the remote ramp signals, close on-ramp, highway vehicles can be ground under the viaduct traffic, if you need a remote, vehicles can bridge on adjacent to the next entry, when the speed is higher than 35 tend to be mild highway congestion, will end on the ramp entrance control system,Vehicles can enter the elevated road normally.Lightning news reporter Hu Zhenhua report statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)