Tongzhou Finance: Make good use of special verification to remove the “difficult points” in allocating funds for grassroots projects

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Financial verification as an important means of financial supervision, a simplified procedure, wide coverage and the advantages of high efficiency quickly, therefore, tongzhou finance to develop grass-roots financial categories of project funds allocated special verification work, using the previous audits, submit the check and the remote data to verify the innovation of the supervision pattern, under the condition of the manpower resources are limited, found clues, in-depth tracking verification,We need to improve systems and policies, remove the “difficult points” in allocating funds to community-level government projects, promote internal oversight through external inspection, and promote regulation through inspection, and maximize the effectiveness of oversight at low inspection costs.First, accurate tabulation, lock inspection direction.Special verification prophase work, based on previous project funds to check is the combination of grass-roots financial fund allocated to the truth, made the town (street) categories of project funds allocated special verification form for grassroots finance units provided, bar, streamline form provided in the contract project, focus on this contract amount, the amount of audit and the actual payment amount “number three”,Detail the “threefold” comparison.Two is the grass-roots self – check, ledger submitted for verification.Carrying out internal self-examination in grass-roots finance is a self-examination of grass-roots administrative rights and also a self-innovation of plugging management loopholes.After receiving the special inspection notice and the special inspection Table, the grass-roots financial units actively deploy, participate in the full, in a month of self-inspection time to fully check, complete the grass-roots financial self-inspection and submit the special inspection table and special inspection standbook information.Three is targeted, remote data verification.According to the data of 13 grass-roots financial units report parameter, tongzhou fiscal key check the contract amount is 300000 yuan (including) above, the contract signing time from 2017 to 2019, three years of engineering project, through the contract amount, the amount of audit and the actual payment amount of number “three” than as a result, the key framed a batch number “three” non-compliant projects;Through the remote inspection of the financial payment system and financial accounting system, the origin and origin of project fund allocation are restored, the time nodes of project fund allocation are deeply tracked, and the difficulties and pain points of project fund allocation are dredged.After the preliminary inspection, it was found that some grassroots financial year-end project funds payment is tight, the payment terms of the project contract is unreasonable, the project accounting is not standardized and other “difficult points”, the next step of tongzhou finance will be tracked and verified in depth, forcing the standardization and improvement of the relevant system.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: