What does it mean that citizens give the highest marks for the accuracy of government information

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Wang Xuejin according to the just released “2021 Ningbo City Government information open social evaluation satisfaction survey report” shows that last year, Ningbo citizens to the government information open recognition steadily improved, the satisfaction rate of 89.6%.The report focuses on the convenience, comprehensiveness, timeliness, transparency, accuracy and benefit degree of government information disclosure. Among them, the accuracy score is 90.05, and the satisfaction rate is as high as 91.41%, the highest score among all indicators (Ningbo Evening News on November 15).This is a satisfactory answer sheet, which shows that ningbo municipal governments at all levels are serious and fruitful in implementing the newly revised Regulations on Government Information Disclosure.Six of the dimensions were rated the highest and most gratifying by citizens for “accuracy”.For the audience, they not only care about the comprehensive, timely and transparent disclosure of government information, but also hope that the information is accurate.Information disclosure is meaningless if it is distorted.Better not to publish false information than to publish it.Because, false information will not only mislead the public, but also damage government credibility.Just like the recent national concern of the chain woman incident, a certain government issued a series of government notices, which were criticized by the majority of netizens as fake, seriously damaged the image and credibility of the local government.The lesson was painful.Happily, ningbo residents surveyed gave the highest rating to the accuracy of government information disclosure last year. What does this show?The first is confidence.Frankly speaking, some government information should be disclosed but not disclosed, in fact, is a lack of confidence. Some departments are worried that the public will be “picky”, and some departments are worried that the disclosure will cause trouble, so they try not to disclose as much as they can, and even if it is disclosed, they will hide, and even fill in some false information.On the contrary, like the government departments at all levels in Ningbo, dare to expose the real and reliable government information to the public, without fear of “nitpicking”, this is the performance of confidence.The second is rationality.With the rise of “we media” and social platforms, public government information can be quickly verified or falsified whether it is true or false. The era when people unconditionally believe what the government says and does is gone forever.If you publish false information, you will fall into the Tacitus trap and damage your image.The reason why the surveyed ningbo citizens are most satisfied with the accuracy of government information disclosure shows that the government has this rational understanding.Again, sincerity.What is the fundamental purpose of disclosing government information?Is to accept the supervision of the masses.The reason why ningbo municipal governments at all levels want to disclose real government information is that they sincerely hope citizens to supervise government work and humbly accept people’s opinions and suggestions, so as to carry out their work better.Government information disclosure is an indispensable part of the construction of a government ruled by law, and the key to grasp is to ensure the authenticity of the public information, otherwise nothing is discussed.Last year, the government information disclosure of Ningbo city was affirmed by the citizens, and we hope that this year and the future information disclosure will be more extensive, more timely, more transparent and more real.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com