Procuratorial organs in Fujian actively participated in voluntary anti-epidemic activities (4.2)

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In order to fight against the epidemic and protect people’s health, under the strong leadership of the CPC and the government, various effective epidemic prevention measures such as nucleic acid screening for all personnel are being organized in Fujian province.In this huge “battle”, the province procuratorial organ to smell p, deep tissue policemen to attend a gleam of disease resistance volunteer action, actively cooperate with local authorities to carry out the full DNA screening and other disease resistance related epidemic prevention measures, careful, careful, make sure that applicants should do inspection, do “not a home, don’t fall a person”.According to the development of the epidemic situation, the new media of Fujian Procuratorial organs will pay close attention to and report the relevant anti-epidemic actions of the procuratorial organs in Fujian province in a timely fashion. The following is the relevant report of April 2: fuzhou Procuratorial Organs: The procuratorial emblem is bright in the supervision line of the grass-roots grid of epidemic prevention and control.See in spirit Procuratorate, cangshan district, critical moment show bear city “two strictly a encourage” ensuring the safety of community correction and epidemic prevention supervision double changle procuratorial: inspection badge escort to create peace “clean village” procuratorial: fighting against the line, “disease” show mission bear NaJing procuratorial: strengthening the punishment of procuratorial supervision Build the epidemic prevention and control of defense quanzhou prosecution:Online education “cloud”, not “permanent” love okanagan valley procuratorial work: the “red tide”, sending out light and heat in the “pollen” carp city street procuratorial synergy hook as special difficult people “warm spring” port of procuratorial: action “epidemic” procuratorial work as I am (four) – “epidemic” line of shishi procuratorial: days and nights of Eva invite you hold on a!”Epidemic” — from the front line of the prosecution of Huian epidemic prevention and control of small beautiful moral inspection: when the vanguard, as an example, fighting the epidemic moment now as Yongchun inspection: handling cases without stopping epidemic prevention without slackening three inspection: fighting the “epidemic” without slackening the inspection work of Yongan: related to epidemic prevention fraud, come to get!Will procuratorial war “disease”, “brave” on the road, including procuratorial: transforming social traditions, epidemic prevention and control, first warning education, one can’t be little city.when this prosecution: epidemic prevention and control “procuratorial blue” has been on the road qingliu procuratorate bianfudong epidemic prevention and control, 12309 service “not close” xianyou procuratorial: “home” for the “people” and guard together li city prosecution:”Live up to your youth” Young people should be responsible for Hanjiang inspection: Epidemic prevention and control “three things in place” with practical actions to interpret procuratorial responsibilities: City Gate inspection: Online and offline coordinated response to the epidemic, and handling cases against the epidemic is the first line of courage to fight the “epidemic” when sharing the wind and storm — “Anti-epidemic Log” of The First Secretary of Nanping Procuratorate in Jianyang Procuratorial Office:Party, please rest assured that their “disease” has me – war “disease” is a line of the party members’ vanguard figure stranded home in quanzhou Minqing procuratorial policemen took the initiative to apply for in situ anti epidemic luster procuratorial: the party leads, party members play the cutting edge exemplary role in the epidemic prevention sniping action changting procuratorial: I first youth epidemic ningde procuratorial: epidemic prevention and control of a line reveals the procuratorial bear Manila city prosecution:Replace “procuratorial blue” with “volunteer red” to protect “health green” ancient farmland procuratorial: strengthen grid management, weave tight epidemic prevention and control networkIf the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: