Seven new positive cases were reported in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, between 8 am On Saturday and 8 am on Wednesday

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At 10:00 this morning, jiaxing Municipal People’s Government Information Office held the 38th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Jiaxing, inviting officials from Jiaxing Municipal Health Commission, Tongxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau and other relevant departments to introduce the situation and answer questions from journalists.Jiang Yuan, deputy director of Jiaxing Health Commission, reported 7 new positive cases in Jiaxing from 8:00 am On April 2 to 8:00 am on April 3, including 1 case in Xiuzhou District (centralized isolation point) and 2 cases in Jiashan County (expressway jam).There were 1 cases in Haining city and 3 cases in Tongxiang City.Since March 13, 97 positive cases have been reported in Jiaxing, including 4 in Nanhu district, 4 in Xiuzhou District, 23 in Jingkai District, 5 in Jiashan County, 41 in Pinghu, 15 in Haining and 5 in Tongxiang.Up to now, 27 have been cured and discharged from hospital, while the remaining 70 are under treatment or medical observation in designated medical institutions.From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 2, the city had investigated and controlled 16,800 secret contacts and 28,900 secondary secret contacts.Nucleic acid tests were carried out for 831,100 people.According to national and provincial regulations on epidemic prevention and control, Tongxiang city launched a level II public health emergency response at 11:30 am on April 2, demarcating “three districts”.The Yangtze River Delta region is close to each other, geographical proximity, flow of people and logistics exchanges are very frequent.Located in the central hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiaxing is an important distribution center of logistics and transportation in the Yangtze River Delta with special geographical location and convenient transportation. It has gathered a number of large-scale regional professional markets.Since March, a number of imported cases in Jiaxing have been traced back to truck drivers and related drivers returning from neighboring cities, putting great pressure on foreign countries to prevent imported cases.Epidemic prevention and control is the overriding priority, we go all out “total, early reset” on the one hand, on the other hand decisive against input, “spillover”, united, unity is strength, fully play the epidemic encounters, defense, the overall war, efforts to protect people’s life safety and health.First, the prevention and control policies are strictly enforced across the board.Advocate the public friend is not necessary not to jia, people outside the city is not necessary not to jia, really need to come to jia must hold 24 hours of nucleic acid certificate, nucleic acid detection within 3 hours after arriving.”14+7″ health management measures will be implemented for people coming from neighboring cities with severe epidemic and medium-high risk areas in China, and “7+7” health management measures will be implemented for people coming from other areas outside the province, with the health code assigned to the yellow code.It is hoped that the general public friends consciously abide by the regulations, and at the same time, if you find people coming from the surrounding cities with serious outbreaks or from medium-high risk areas in China, you should report to your village (community), unit (hotel, hotel) in a timely manner.Second, traffic control was strictly enforced.Inspection points will be set up at the “first stations” of entry into The country, such as highway intersections, railway stations and wharves, and those with abnormal health codes and travel cards will be immediately controlled and tested for antigen and nucleic acid.In response to the recent cases where the source of the epidemic was truck drivers, a “net operation” was organized to comprehensively screen truck drivers with a history of living and traveling in neighboring cities affected by the epidemic. Health codes, travel cards and nucleic acid certificates were implemented, as well as basic information of people and vehicles, arrival time and departure time, and driving routes.For those with abnormal travel history or nucleic acid certificates, health codes or travel cards found in nearby cities with severe epidemic conditions, corresponding control measures shall be immediately implemented and three epidemic prevention and control zones shall be designated.Third, strict social meeting control.All kinds of gathering activities will be suspended, and all kinds of indoor closed public places will be temporarily closed.”Red things” should be delayed, “white things” should be simplified, no banquets should be held, restaurants and other restaurants should not eat.Strengthen the management of drug sales in retail pharmacies, suspend the sale of antipyretic, cough, antiviral, anti-bacterial and other four categories of drugs.All kinds of public transport, taxi and online taxi hailing in the city are required to take measures such as wearing masks, taking body temperature, checking health code and travel card, and scanning “fine line code”. Passengers with red or yellow travel code or travel card * are prohibited to board, and those with red or yellow travel code should report to 110 immediately.For more information about health code assignment, please contact the government Service hotline 12345.As the risk of the epidemic continues, prevention and control efforts will never be relaxed.Please observe the rules of epidemic prevention and control, check the temperature, light the code, scan the code, wear masks and get vaccinated as soon as possible, so as to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.In the face of the sudden epidemic, Tongxiang city around what key work, how is the current progress?Shi Ruyu, Deputy Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government, said that after receiving the report of novel Coronavirus positive nucleic acid test, the emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control was immediately activated, and the “peacetime and wartime” system was completed. Eleven teams of one office were immediately put into wartime mode.We will focus on the following areas of work: First, we will trace the origin of the current situation.After receiving the initial screening positive report, 355 people were dispatched to form an emergency response team to trace the source of the epidemic, check the movement track of the positive cases in time, and lock down those who were closely connected or sub-closely connected.As of 7 am on April 3, 1,043 people had been investigated for secret contacts and 592 for secondary contacts.Second, regional control will be implemented.According to the relevant national and provincial regulations on epidemic prevention and control, the scope of “three zones”, namely containment zone, control zone and prevention zone, was defined by the expert group after deliberation and judgment. Control measures were implemented in the corresponding zones according to the requirements of the regulations, and final disinfection of relevant sites and environments was completed.Third, tissue nucleic acid detection.A total of 974 nucleic acid sampling personnel were mobilized, 126 nucleic acid sampling sites were set up in the three zones, and nucleic acid testing was completed overnight.The first round of nucleic acid sampling 160,621 people, nucleic acid test results were negative.A second round of nucleic acid tests is being conducted today.Fourth, social meeting management and control.A level II emergency response to a major public health emergency was launched at 11:30 am on April 2, and all epidemic prevention and control measures were strictly implemented.Municipal departments fully connected with 14,702 microgrids, more than 42,000 Party members rushed to the front line of the epidemic, strictly guard the gate, strictly control visitors, comprehensive screening of all kinds of risks.At the same time, authoritative information has been released to the public in a real-time, open and transparent manner, knowledge dissemination has been carried out on a rolling basis, and people’s doubts and concerns have been actively responded to.Fifth, we will strengthen material support.At present, tongxiang’s first batch of 20 basic living goods supply points have been released, food, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk, convenience food, drinking water and other necessities of life are in sufficient supply, medicine, masks, disinfection supplies and other medical supplies are in sufficient reserve.Please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, rational consumption, no need to hoard panic buying.It is understood that the positive infected people this time hide the past track of the situation, the public security organs will be how to deal with it according to law?Zhu Yuelong, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of tongxiang Public Security Bureau: Recently, the public security organs have been sticking to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and have maintained a zero-tolerance attitude towards crimes related to the epidemic.We promptly investigated and dealt with cases related to COVID-19 in accordance with the law and resolutely safeguarded the order of epidemic prevention.I would like to briefly introduce the epidemic situation: in late March, Zhang and Hou transported vegetables to Sell to Zhang’s father, who temporarily lived outside the province, to jiaxing vegetable wholesale market to purchase, and then transported vegetables to a highway service area outside the province.After returning to Puyuan Town, Tongxiang City, he did not report to the community, and concealed the relevant itinerary when asked by the community staff.On April 2, both tested positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid.Zhang and Hou refused to implement the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of tongxiang City people’s Government, causing serious risk of epidemic spread, suspected of hindering the prevention and control of infectious diseases, our bureau has registered investigation, will be investigated for criminal responsibility.The current situation of the epidemic is serious and complex. Starting from the actual epidemic prevention in Tongxiang city, the public security organs will investigate and punish three types of violations of the epidemic prevention regulations in accordance with the criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases.Refusing to carry out decisions and orders made under the state of emergency.For example, those who come from high-risk areas fail to report in a timely manner;Concealing the track of his journey from the personnel engaged in epidemic prevention;Failing to conduct nucleic acid testing in accordance with regulations;Refusing to cooperate with health information verification in public places;Closed places such as chess and card rooms fail to suspend business in accordance with regulations;Residents of containment, control and prevention areas refuse to cooperate with management in violation of regulations.Second, obstructing the performance of duties.Obstructing government workers and medical workers from carrying out epidemic prevention and control work by beating, abusing, intimidating or other means;Vehicles or persons passing through the checkpoint refuse to cooperate or deliberately evade inspection by the checkpoint staff.Third, those disturbing public order.Spreading rumors and spreading false information about COVID-19 in cyberspace such as wechat and Weibo;Falsely reporting the epidemic situation or alarming situation to relevant departments.The public security organs will severely punish the above acts in accordance with the law.Here, the police remind the public: the epidemic alert will not be lifted for a day, and the string of epidemic prevention will not be relaxed for a moment.We hope the people will strictly abide by all epidemic prevention regulations and work together to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.At present, Tongxiang city has launched a major public health emergency ⅱ emergency response. What are the provisions of ⅱ emergency response?Puyuan town has demarcated “three districts”, what are the requirements for the citizens in the “three districts”?Shi Ruyu, deputy mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government: The second level response includes: 1. Do not go out, gather or gather when it is not necessary.2. Strictly implement epidemic prevention measures such as “temperature measurement,” “scanning tongxing Pass” (check health code and travel card) and “wearing masks”, and strictly guard all kinds of “small doors”.3. All schools, kindergartens, nurseries and offline training institutions within the jurisdiction are temporarily suspended.4. Except for supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, farmers’ markets and other service places necessary for daily life, all other business places will be temporarily closed.All scenic spots have been suspended.5. Suspending all kinds of artistic performances, exhibition and sales promotion activities.”Red things” should be delayed, “white things” should be simplified, no banquets should be held, restaurants and other restaurants should not eat.6. Strictly control all kinds of meetings, strictly control the number of participants and postpone the holding of meetings with more than 50 people in accordance with the principles of “not holding meetings unless necessary”, “online but not offline”, “who is responsible for the event” and “where it is held, it is responsible for the event”.7. Strengthen the management of drug sales in retail pharmacies, and suspend the sale of antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and anti-bacterial drugs.8. With the exception of key enterprises approved by the Municipal leading group for Epidemic Prevention and control, all enterprises shall suspend production.9. Strictly control high-speed exit, except to ensure the transport of production, daily life, epidemic prevention and other key materials, vehicle entry is suspended;Vehicles on national and provincial roads may cross the border, but persons may not get off;Taxis, buses, long-distance passenger vehicles and other public transport operations have been suspended.10. Containment area, control area and prevention area shall be implemented in accordance with the “Three Zones” management regulations.Red and yellow code personnel actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in strict accordance with the requirements of control and nucleic acid testing.Residents should take good personal protection, wash their hands frequently, wear masks, ventilate frequently, and keep space between them. Once they have symptoms such as fever, dry cough and chest tightness, they should seek medical treatment in time and report to their villages (communities) and work units.Citizens in the “three zones” need to pay attention to the following points: the area is closed, stay at home, door-to-door service, wear a mask at home, if it is necessary to go out, arrange a special person and car to implement closed-loop management.Only in the control area, people can not go out of the area, strictly prohibit gathering, do a good job of environmental disinfection room ventilation.Do not go out of the prevention area if it is not necessary, strengthen social meeting control and strictly limit the gathering of people.Citizens in the three areas should take the initiative to participate in epidemic prevention and control and cooperate with nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.At the same time, those who have contact history with the confirmed positive cases or have overlapping travel paths should take good personal protection, immediately contact their villages (communities), work units and hotels, do not go out, and actively cooperate with the implementation of corresponding health management measures.Patients with critical conditions, hemodialysis patients, pregnant women and other special people can contact their villages (communities) and be transferred to designated medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment in accordance with the standard procedures “point-to-point”, under closed-loop management.Finally, I call on the whole city to actively abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, let the city calm down quickly, only calm down, can stop the spread of the virus.Thank you!Source: Jiaxing