27 years after the old love once again on the same stage, Ruby Lin elegant, Lin Zhiying smile

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It is said that skin and spirit decay as we age, and staying young forever seems a beautiful and cruel fantasy.Everyone wants to be young and beautiful, but this is almost impossible to achieve.This is especially true in the rat race of entertainment.With the continuous challenge of up-and-comers, the former little fresh meat gradually become old bacon, the reputation is not as good as before.Is it any secret that the actor in question defied the rules of time and, at 40, is as young as ever?On March 23, an old flame reunited after 27 years has the Internet going crazy.In this event, famous Taiwanese artists Ruby Lin, Lin Zhiying and Patty Hou were on the same stage, attracting much attention.Among them, Lin Zhiying and Lin Xinru once had a paragraph of amour, this is also the same time after two people have a family respectively.Many people say that they enjoy the opera.Despite the disappointment of their split, the two are now blessed and happy in their own right.Three people on stage is a feast for the eyes, now over 40 years old Lin Zhiying, looks as before.No trace of time can be seen.Wearing a blue suit jacket, he looked like a 40-year-old guy.Patty Hou, who wears a long red dress, and Ruby Lin, who wears a short one-piece skirt, each has her own style.And there was no awkwardness in the interaction with the audience onstage.Many people have thought of Lin Zhiying’s wife, do not know if she will care?In fact, don’t worry, look down to find that Lin Zhiying’s wife Chen Ruoyi was also at the scene, which made many netizens joke that this is to visit the class.Chen also took to social media to post a photo of herself with the trio.Among them, she stands in the middle of Lin Zhiying and Ruby Lin, is reminding them to keep their distance?In the photo, he wore a white blazer and denim skirt, paired with Martens, which took the model-turned-actress to the next level.As if to match the photo shoot, Chen, the tallest, bent her legs slightly to make herself look less tall.In the side of Lin Zhiying is also smiling, it is not difficult to see the couple’s happy married life.Many netizens praised her in the comments section, calling her the most beautiful goddess.In this activity, it seems that Chen Ruoyi became the biggest flow harvester.Ruby and Chih-ying Lin had a relationship a long time ago when they were teenagers. They fell in love during filming, but they never got together.The two have since been interviewed by media, saying they are over their relationship and there is no rift between them.Even Ruby’s husband Wallace Huo, and Lin zhiying are still very good friends.Ruby has previously revealed that she was jealous of their friendship, as they text more than the couple do.Indeed, it is not difficult to see from the Internet and the past dynamics of each other that the two often go to concerts together, dine together, play together, and are in close contact privately.This also makes many netizens sigh, after all, is the former identity, but also can get along with so friendly, this is very rare.With the close relationship between the two boys, I believe ruby and Chen have a lot of private communication, and both families already have children, their children should also play together.When it comes to Lin Zhiying, everyone’s evaluation is not old male god, envy his appearance level as one day for decades, marvel at his handsome appearance.Some netizens even jokingly compared him with guo Degang, a teacher of the same age, to highlight his handsome appearance.Less well known is that in addition to being a singer, he was also an actor and a race car driver, and he was an award winning, decathlon hunk.And wife Chen Ruoyi, it is model one’s previous experience, tall carry figure and extraordinary temperament, with star about the same.The two have been living a low-key life since their marriage, and there has been no scandal.The couple have a young son together and starred in the first season of Dad, Where are We Going?, making him one of the newest kids.In the last two years, the family welcomed two lovely babies, which made the family of five even more happy.Low-key life, no hype and no fight, this may be one of the reasons why our family is loved by the audience.Can we get along after we break up?What does a good ex look like?Everyone has different answers, but I believe that most people will not reconcile with the past, after all, that is the person who loved in the past.Now change identity to get along again, unavoidable some awkward situation.And in the entertainment industry, so many couples go to the last is not a minority.Jay Chou, the pop king, once had a brief love affair with Jolin Tsai, the Asian dance king. The marriage of the two heavyweights has always been popular among Internet users.But it didn’t last long, and they still didn’t get together.By the end of the decade, the two performed together as a duet again, which made fans excited again and they became friends after breaking up.Gong Li, a movie star, and zhang Yimou, a famous director, also had a love affair.But did not go together in the end, the two set up their own families.And when be in 6 years, two people cooperates again circle the dream at that time, Zhang Yimou also lets him become empress successfully, such friendship also is get person place envy.It can be seen that after breaking up, it is not necessarily impossible to contact each other forever. If the relationship cannot let two people go on with each other, then you might as well use friendship to dilute this relationship.Maybe this friendship will be more important than this relationship.Conclusion Everyone’s view of feelings is not the same, we can not use the same concept to ask others.Someone who can communicate with an ex without obstacles.And some people after breaking up but hope the ex no longer disturb, do not think of those sad past.Ruby Lin and Lin Zhiying this pair of once old love, ignore the netizens and media ridicule speculation, easy to get along with, do not avoid suspicion, do not fear.Even each other’s families have a lot of communication, perhaps the two families have become friends.In a relationship, letting go of the past is a sign of respect for one’s predecessor and responsibility for the next. There is no right or wrong in a relationship.There is only the courage to face it.