Being a parent is not easy!Chen Yanan mother looks for coat elder brother, seek understanding for daughter to admit mistake

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After her divorce from Zhu xiaowei, Chen Yanan was criticized and ridiculed online, with netizens giving her the nickname “Chen Jinlian”.Online shopping is still a threshold, once the reputation is destroyed, it will lose the support of the public, naturally also can not sell.In order to continue to live with goods, Chen Yanan thought a lot of ways to clarify the truth of divorce, exposure coat brother black material.Unfortunately, these methods are useless, will only make everyone more disgusted with her, boycott her continued to appear on the network circle of money.Obviously had a bright future, a lifetime of food and clothing, but was ruined by Chen Yanan himself.Before from the coat brother’s fans, almost one night before the black powder, as expected divorced should be all back, a little bit is not good.At the beginning of Chen Yanan’s best choice, not to return the betrothal gift, but directly choose to return the net, at least can leave some things.Coat elder brother will not pursue before the bride price, for two children get married, he even said anything, separate separate bar.Have very good choice originally, Chen Yanan unluckily leaves account number however, who knows account number also holds now.If coat elder brother can stand out, help Chen Yanan say a few words, perhaps can reverse the situation, but Chen Yanan has no face to find him.Children hard face, adults will not allow her nonsense.A few days ago it was discovered that Chen Yanan’s mother for her daughter’s career to find coat brother, coat sister-in-law said a few words to her, for this once in-laws, she did not have what resentment.But coat sister-in-law in the home, can’t do Lord at all, Chen Yanan’s mother also don’t want to talk to her more, holding an arm to go out.Coat sister-in-law earned a boring, natural also do not want to continue to communicate with her, only said coat brother is not at home, let her come another day.Just over the New Year, coat elder brother’s commercial show began, he had to run around every day to make money, there was no time to deal with other things.Chen Yanan’s mother rushed empty, originally wanted to find for his daughter coat brother to admit mistakes, hope to get understanding, the results and disappointed.See no one at home, Chen Yanan’s mother went out, there are a lot of net red outside, asked her to coat brother’s home for what, is not divorced?Chen yanan’s mother did not answer, dejected and left, she also knew that it was a disgrace to do so.Being a parent is not easy, reflected incisively and vividly at this time, Chen Yanan embarrassed to do things, parents can only come forward for her.Don’t you feel ashamed to ask your mother to clean up after you, a 20-something girl?Let’s talk about coat brother again, he actually already did not like Chen Yanan, otherwise would not be silent, let the netizens nonsense.If Chen Yanan mother find coat elder brother, coat elder brother will certainly say some field words, help not to help hard to say.So much public opinion on the network, coat elder brother is not unaware, just do not want to dispute.He will not support, if not resist, those who slander his family.If brother Overcoat really helped Chen yanan, he would be ridiculed by netizens.Since the divorce on their own well, Chen Yanan accused coat brother, can not be a little softhearted.Coat brother does not pursue, is already on her tolerance, if the Chen family continue to entwine, will only make the scene more ugly, why?Do not know everybody feels, coat elder brother can help Chen Yanan?