Fujian three “poor” old wine, once famous, but now not out of the local

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It is said that fujian people like drinking tea most, but how many people know that Fujian people also have a unique love for wine.Friends who have been to Fujian know that there is a drinking custom in Fujian, that is, “no guests do not mention the pot”, as long as the guest linmen, Fujian people will take out the best wine to entertain.Fujian people are terrible at drinking. They usually do not drink, but “eat wine”, eating meat and wine with “sea bowl”. Therefore, many people who call themselves “the king of wine” only dare to say that they are little sheep after visiting Fuzhou.Fujian people drink a lot of wine, fujian wineries are also many, but also rich in famous wine, once produced a lot of household wine, unfortunately, the follow-up publicity is not enough, gradually forgotten, the author to share with you three fujian “poor” old wine.1. Fumao Cellar wine “Delicious and mellow, jiangnan Maotai.”Fumao is definitely the best wine in Fujian province. It has a good response in the market. Many wine lovers will be attracted by its unique maotai flavor once they drink it, which will be unforgettable.The original wine is brewed annually, stored for two years, and aged for four years. “Pitiful” wine is now on the market for more than four years of Fumao cellar wine. If you see it, don’t miss it, the taste is called a mellow wine.Features: thick and mellow, maotai-fragrance outstanding, empty cup stay fragrance, continuous, intoxicating.Dongping Laojiao is produced in Dongping Town, Fujian Province. As its name says, this is an old wine with the reputation of “Fujian time-honored brand, No.1 cellar in Fujian Province and” Ancestor of Fujian Wine “.The fragrance is mellow, sweet and refreshing, the oral cavity is fragrant, and it does not come loose for a long time. Whether it is used for drinking or cooking, it is the first choice.Pitiful’s glory days were probably in 2017, when it won many MEDALS, but the wine is only known in Fujian, and little is known about it.Danfeng Sorghum is produced in Xiamen. It is a kind of clear flavor liquor. It is brewed with high quality sorghum and rice as raw materials by ancient method, without any addition, and finally achieves a pure grain wine.The wine is clear and transparent, without any suspended matter. It is very clear and has a unique complex aroma, which is sweet and elegant and soft in the mouth.Red phoenix in morning is the most pure sorghum in the eighty s, many old drinking buddies for its taste must not unfamiliar, and “poor” later, the more fake, this wine boom is gradually subsided, but even so, red phoenix in morning today in school is still good, sorghum is a favorite of many xiamen as well, however, this wine is in the outside world, but few people know, even in the supermarket,And no one would give it a second look.It’s all good wine, but it just can’t get out of the local area. To put it bluntly, there’s too little publicity.In fact, in addition to Fujian, there are similar wines in many provinces across the country, such as this guizhou wine, Yuande Imitation Taiwan wine.Yuan de imitation Tai liquor: a typical maotai-flavor liquor.Produced in guizhou maotai, and maotai are in the same position, and the old maotai brewing technology, the real wine brewing, is the original stuffed with high quality sorghum and the wheat, insist on maotai five pounds a kilo grain liquor, wine brewed wine, eventually taste like maotai, can even replace the maotai, some patrons think maotai in guizhou is too expensive.So in order to switch to the edge of imitation Taiwan wine.Features: open the bottle with strong fragrance, the entrance is strong and mellow, the wine is spinning in the mouth, delicate and smooth, like pearls, filled with burnt incense, fruit fragrance, cellar fragrance, wine into the throat, no spicy stimulation, a line into the throat, the abdomen is warm.This wine has a high cost performance and is generally the best choice among similar sauces. However, the reputation of this wine is quite mediocre, “pitiful” because the winery spends all its energy to build quality and neglits publicity, so outsiders know too little about it.Therefore, it can be seen from this point that in order for a wine to really go out, in addition to creating quality, key publicity is also essential.This is the end of today’s sharing, you also know what fujian wine, feel free to leave a comment.