Shandong has listed the modern light textile industry in the “top ten” industries to replace old driving forces with new ones

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On the morning of March 28, the information Office of Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference to introduce the background and main contents of the “Three ten” 2022 Action plan of Shandong Province.The public network, poster journalists With qian qian Reported in jinan, shandong province, modern light industry textile industry enterprises above designated size in 2021 operating income reached 1.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 17.6% of the province’s industrial, good industrial base, large scale, is the advantage of pillar industry in shandong province and the important industry of the people’s livelihood, in domestic has a higher visibility and influence.This year, Shandong province has listed the modern light textile industry in the “top ten” industries for the transformation of old and new driving forces. How to promote the high-quality development of the industry in the next step?Morning, March 28, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in shandong province hall YanJie in the provincial government information office held a news conference to introduce, in shandong province this year created the modern light industry textile industry in 2022 action plan, will focus on the following six big action, constantly optimize the industrial supply, better meet the needs of the people for a better life.We will improve and upgrade industrial and supply chains.We will do a good job of promoting the “chain length system”, promote policy and resource concentration, and build a landmark industrial chain.We will implement a number of projects to complement, extend and strengthen the chain, strengthen the guarantee of production factors and coordination services, and strive for early production and early results.Step by step to cultivate key enterprises in the industrial chain, select and cultivate about 10 cluster leading enterprises with strong support and driving force, and cultivate more than 20 provincial-level “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, individual champions and gazelle enterprises.Special docking activities will be held between “specialized and innovative” enterprises and “chain leading” enterprises to promote the integration and consolidation of the chain, and enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain.We will accelerate scientific and technological research, development and innovation.Focus on the industry’s leading technology and common key technology to continue to make efforts, and strive to achieve a number of major technological breakthroughs in key processes of anhydrous dyeing.A number of new innovation carriers will be built, the national advanced printing and dyeing technology innovation center and high-end intelligent home appliance manufacturing innovation center will be built with high standards, more than 10 national industrial design centers will be cultivated, and a new national textile and garment creative design pilot demonstration park will be cultivated to further consolidate the foundation for r&d and innovation.We will launch a campaign to make our products smarter and greener.The implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering, in-depth implementation of “Cloud Travel Qilu Industrial Fu Shandong”, promote the in-depth application of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies in the industry, make good use of the cloud service voucher policy, support the creation of industry typical application scenarios, strive to add more than 10 digital workshops, intelligent manufacturing factories, intelligent manufacturing scenes.More than 10,000 digital specialists will enter enterprises to provide professional “consultant + employee” services to promote the digital transformation of the whole chain.We will accelerate the transformation to a green and low-carbon economy, carry out initiatives to promote green manufacturing and take the lead in water efficiency, and foster a number of green factories, green design products and water-saving enterprises.We will take action to stabilize the market and increase consumption.We will further promote the strategy of “three products, three products”, successfully hold major competitions such as the “Provincial Governor Cup” Industrial Design, Textile and Garment Competition, and support enterprises in participating in internationally influential industry exhibitions.We will take advantage of the belt and Road Initiative and RCEP implementation opportunities to expand foreign emerging markets.Encourage and guide enterprises to actively participate in the action of “Shandong Manufacturing Network travel the world · Expand year” through the way of “flow coupon” subsidy, and promote the “production, supply and marketing” network butterfly change.We will launch a campaign to upgrade industrial clusters.Cultivate advanced manufacturing cluster, further expand and strengthen the “Wild goose array” industrial cluster of Qingdao intelligent home appliances, strive to cultivate two “wild goose array” textile and garment industry clusters, and create 10 high-quality provincial characteristic and advantageous food industry clusters.With the focus on the development of public platforms for clusters, we will carry out activities to upgrade industrial clusters with distinctive features and enhance their coordination and supporting capabilities.We will launch a campaign to strengthen enterprises through talent.With the goal of extending the chain, supplementing the chain and strengthening the chain, we will speed up the introduction and training of a number of leading industrial talents with first-class skills in tackling key core technologies and industrializing scientific and technological achievements, who will lead innovation and leap-forward development.We will organize targeted docking training in the industry to comprehensively improve the ability and quality of entrepreneurs.To build a strong industrial team, cultivate five public training bases, further deepen the independent evaluation of enterprise skills and talents, strengthen the skill upgrading of employees on the job, and provide talent support for high-quality development.YanJie said that in six major action at the same time, shandong will also establish and improve the modern light industry textile industry work coordinate mechanism, to further optimize the development environment, increase the intensity of policy supply, strengthen the financial insurance support, enhance the level of trade facilitation, to speed up cultivating the national comprehensive strength levels leading billions of 1 enterprises and billions more than 20 enterprises,Efforts to build the country with higher regional influence of cluster brand 40, has the high industry influential brand 200, the terminal consumer brands with high market reputation, 500, to realize comprehensive competitiveness continued innovation ability enhancement, continued ascension, of industrial ecological continuous improvement degree of continuous improvement, and brand development goals.