Haze anti laser upgrade!Dust-proof missile, us think tank recommends barrage against hypersonic missiles

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Remember laser weapon fire very the fire a few years ago when someone asked how to deal with this weapon, we have a domestic famous expert gives a proposal “laser” fog haze, when laser weapon through the haze of energy will be greatly reduced, this power is not so big, even because of the fog is too thick to wear in the past, not directly half did not dissipate the energy in the air.The proposal although it sounds a bit funny, but the actual analysis was then, now the laser weapon fog in rainy day there will be a problem is because the did a lot of barriers, the spread in the air and the fog is also a way to hinder it, so this proposal can be accepted.And now haze prevention laser appeared again upgrade version – dust prevention missile, how is this one and the same?How can dust protect against missiles if it can’t protect against people?This comes from the advice of experts at American think tanks.China and Russia are the only two countries with hypersonic missiles in service. Besides, North Korea has conducted several successful hypersonic missile tests this year.Can say this a few countries and the United States has a lot of contradictions exist, but the United States must not have this kind of weapons to counter, and the existing air defense system could not to intercept this weapon, the United States at this time of the urgent need to solve is how to resist this weapon threat to oneself, to solve the problem in the United States of many experts have different advice;A recent website called Momentum has a suggestion for the US military:The characteristics of the hypersonic missile is also a weakness, can take advantage of this to deal with it, you can use the one called “dust warhead” of weapons, the weapon after the explosion produces many tiny particles in the air, quickly filling the entire sky, when a hypersonic missile in flight can produce friction and these tiny particles collision, greatly weaken the kinetic energy,Or cause some damage, causing it to run out of kinetic energy and fall off or miss its target. Such area-killing weapons are much easier, faster and less difficult than destroying hypersonic missiles.In simple terms, the “dust” warhead can also known as “anti-aircraft gun” in the 21st century, the principle and anti-aircraft guns, in the second world war when anti-aircraft gun is to use the principle of the plane hit shots in the air after the explosion produces a large number of metal pieces, these pieces will spread to hundreds of meters in the air, at the same time due to the large number of black smoke, the air have a blastThe aircraft is unable to identify and dodge effectively at this point, allowing the shells to be effective without directly hitting the aircraft.The “21st century anti-aircraft gun” works in much the same way, except that instead of metal fragments, it explodes into smaller particles that can stay aloft for tens of minutes or even hours in the atmosphere.In addition, considering the high speed of hypersonic missile flight, it may be too late to intercept the missile in the middle and late stage of flight. Therefore, the best method is to build a “dust wall” in the early stage of hypersonic missile flight, which is more safe and effective.But one thing it is important to note that these experts believe that the “dust” warhead only suitable for those carry a conventional warhead intercepting hypersonic missiles, is not suitable for those who carry hypersonic missiles with nuclear weapons, the former can occur even if no intercept success that orbit offset hit to other areas of damage is limited,Hypersonic missiles and carrying nuclear weapons even migration can cause huge damage happened, for this kind of missile, or want to find a more safe and effective method, especially for the two nuclear powers between China and Russia, they has the ability and can use hypersonic missiles launched a strike against the United States with nuclear weapons.With us now, of course, these experts are good at laser weapon to intercept hypersonic missiles that some ideas are analyzed, they believe that the U.S. now laser weapon power only a few tens of kilowatts, still not strong enough, even for the future development to hundreds of kilowatts and mega kilowatt level may still be able to hypersonic missiles to intercept,Because the temperature of the laser is produced by high energy laser weapons to cause damage, and because a hypersonic weapon has been to several times the speed, the speed of sound in air friction produces in the process of high temperature, so the thermal protection system of this kind of weapon is very powerful, can resist the high temperature of laser weapon damage.From the advice given by these experts in the United States, we can conclude that they have become increasingly anxious about the hypersonic missiles of China and Russia, even admitting that their laser weapons are no match for them, and placing their hopes on something new.In particular, the “barrage” consisting of a large number of fine particles has been considered an important means of countering hypersonic missiles.We might be able to borrow some of this defense and improve our hypersonic missiles again to catch the U.S. off guard.