The design on the program for the closing ceremony of the Winter Paralympics is really too warm

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Spectators and guests at the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics were presented with a beautiful manual on Thursday.The manual for the closing ceremony of Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, designed by Professor Xia Xiaoqi of Beijing Institute of Printing and Communication and led by his team, is the first to add braille design, highlighting the warmth of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games.Opening and closing ceremonies manual of Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympic Games open the manual, irregular arrangement of the page of the “small blue dot” particularly eye-catching.”This is a sequence number inspired by braille.”Xia said the team included braille in the closing ceremony manual for the first time since visually impaired athletes accounted for a certain proportion of the Winter Paralympics.”Due to printing time and production techniques, the manual failed to show the effect of braille.”Despite the regret, the team still hopes to convey the concern, love and care for the visually impaired to the audience through the design of braille, reflecting warmth.”We continue the design theme of warm winter sun, with rouge and ice and snow blue two colors to create a warm atmosphere.Xia xiaoqi said that ice and snow blue shows the emptiness and clarity of ice and snow sports, and rouge symbolizes tenderness, hope, tolerance and optimism.In addition, the bright colour such as cloud water blue, Dan amaranthine, gem blue, lemon is yellow joins as complementary color, let warm meaning more full-bodied, full and beautiful.”It also represents the fact that people with disabilities are an integral part of our colorful world, with their constant vitality and pursuit of a better life and a more inclusive world.”The integration of Chinese traditional cultural elements and modern science and technology aesthetics, with the form of “simple but not simple”, has become the highlight of the handbook.Radioactive lines form a variety of blooming flowers in the pages of the flags of delegations entering the stadium and thanking the volunteers.”The audience may not be able to see the variety of flowers, which is exactly what we want to achieve.”Xia xiaoqi explained that the figure of flowers is not only the figure of paralympic athletes fighting hard, but also the figure of volunteers guarding their posts silently.In the design of the page for the call of love, the tendrils of the olive branch stretch tenderly forward, implying love and peace.Xia xiaoqi said he hoped the handbook could record the beautiful and warm memories forever.Editor: Xu Hongyun