The war against “epidemic” quench the essence of youth to see “before 1995” two new Party branch secretaries fighting against “epidemic”

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In the face of the severe situation of the new round of multiple outbreaks, the Red Stone Community Party Committee of Mishi Lane street extended the working arm of the Party, gathered the deep feeling of the Party and the masses, and called on party members and the masses to join the “Red Stone leading anti-epidemic vanguard” to effectively build the “red defense line” against the epidemic.Dong Li, a girl from Shaoxing who was born in 1994, has fallen in love with hangzhou since she came to study there in 2013.In 2019, Dong Li and her friends founded Hangzhou Langyue Culture Development Co., LTD., a small company with powerful energy.In June 2020, she took up the post of secretary of the Party Branch of building Union.In January this year, the Red SLATE Community Party Committee issued a micro wish of “Collecting anti-epidemic materials” on the “West Lake Pioneer” APP. Representative Dong Li responded positively and donated 10 boxes of anti-epidemic materials such as food and masks to the community, helping to fight the epidemic with practical actions and spreading warmth to the front line.In March, the Community Party Committee issued a “mobilization order” to the two new branches to recruit party members to participate in the frontline inspection of epidemic prevention, dong Li immediately signed up for it.”I can, I can.”In a few words, there was a strong force in her heart.Recently, as the epidemic prevention situation is tight, Dong Li actively responded to the call of “enterprises and enterprises to meet party members” in the street, and took the initiative to join the epidemic prevention inspection of shops along hushu South Road.During her inspection, Dong wore a red vest, a red hat and a copy of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Record form.”Customers entering the store must wear masks in a standard manner, and be very careful in temperature measurement and lighting codes. The current epidemic situation requires everyone to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.”Every time she went into a store, Dong li carefully checked whether the signs were on the wall, whether the temperature measurement and bright code were standardized and in place, and repeatedly reminded every business owner to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control.”Please rest assured that our shop is also a member of the community. You are committed to the epidemic prevention work, and we will fully cooperate with you.”Dong Li’s enthusiasm and dedication has also been recognized and supported by businesses.In the streets of mishi Lane, there are many party members like Dong Li who are selfless and enthusiastic in volunteer service. They interpret the meaning of this party emblem on their chest with firm faith and silent efforts.It is precisely because of the party members and groups of volunteers who stick to their original aspiration and unswervingly, the mishixiang street has built a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control and written a paeans of volunteer service to fight against the epidemic.(Source: People’s Government website of Gongshu District, Hangzhou)