“Hangzhou mansions many!”The man came to Hangzhou for stealing and “harvesting” his 11-year prison term

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Brush short video “photo” start target, take advantage of the night over the wall into the house, conveniently stolen hundreds of thousands of yuan worth of jade.On January 25, the burglary case of the first instance, the defendant Zhang xx was sentenced to 11 years in prison for burglary, deprived of political rights for a year, and fined.”My family has more than 10 pieces of jade stolen, worth hundreds of thousands of yuan!”In July 2021, Mr Wu, who lives in Yuhang, Hangzhou, called in a hurry to report the theft of his elaborate jade collection.Mr. Wu’s collection of part of the jade (yuhang Procuratorate provided) after the surveillance video, the public security organs quickly locked the suspect Zhang xx, and will be intercepted in xi ‘an railway station, its carrying 5 pieces of jade is Lost by Mr. Wu, the other 5 pieces of jade were also found in Zhang xx’s rental house.Was captured, Zhang was going to Urumqi, Xinjiang fence stolen goods, because jinhua no car direct, so went to Xi ‘an transfer.Zhang so-and-so found stolen property (yuhang Procuratorate provided) Zhang so-and-so usually live in Jinhua, how can run more than 170 kilometers to Hangzhou to steal things?Originally, Zhang so-and-so in the province to build a house in the lack of money, because he has a theft record, poor credit, can not handle a bank loan, so moved “to steal a little” crooked idea.One day, Zhang so-and-so in the brush short video accidentally saw the introduction of “Hangzhou ten mansion”, know Mr. Wu’s community, “I heard that there is a celebrity in this community has a house, there must be rich people live.”Zhang so-and-so confesses, “I thought at that time, want to dry dry a line.”So, Zhang xx from Jinhua to Hangzhou by train, and then turn to the bus, starting in the daytime, to the target community when it was dark.Zhang so-and-so in the community around a circle, while no one turned into the community, walking and looking, and finally over the wall into Mr. Wu’s Chinese villa.It was late at night and Mr. Wu’s family were all fast asleep.”The door on the ground floor was unlocked, so I just pushed it open and went in.”Zhang so-and-so confessed, came to the second floor study, he saw two shelves with a lot of jade, took a big, and casually took a few pieces of small into the bag, “MY heart is also very afraid, in case the jade is worth millions of words, I was caught must be life imprisonment.”After successful, Zhang xx loitering in the streets, until dawn by the early bus to escape back to Jinhua.But unexpectedly, the money to build the house was not realized before he was arrested.Through appraisal, zhang so-and-so stole 10 pieces of jade worth more than 350,000 yuan.(The names in the article are hua.)