Is potassium chloride a solid

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Potassium chloride is a solid.1, potassium chloride is a colorless cubic crystal or white crystalline powder, chemical formula KCl, soluble in water, ether, glycerin and alkali, slightly soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in anhydrous ethanol, hymoisture absorption, easy to agitate, can be used as raw materials for industrial preparation of metal potassium (with metal sodium replacement at 850℃ under high temperature conditions:KCl+Na==K+NaCl), this is a reversible reaction.2, the use of potassium chloride fertilizer: whether potassium chloride is used as base fertilizer or as topdressing, it must be applied in advance, can be applied 7-10 days before sowing or transplanting, so as to facilitate soil adsorption, for the sand soil with poor fertilizer and water retention ability, must follow the principle of a small number of multiple applications.And so on.3, chemical equation of potassium chloride and manganese dioxide: 2KClO3==2KCl + 3O2↑.Note: MnO2 is the catalyst, written above ==.The heat sign is a triangle, written under ==.Among them, manganese dioxide is amphoteric oxide, which is a very stable black powder solid at room temperature, and can be used as a depolarizing agent of dry cells.