Messi has been recognised throughout the AC Milan squad and the club are ready to formally buy him out

2022-07-12 0 By

In last summer’s transfer window, the Brazilian joined AC Milan from relegated crotone for a loan fee of 2.6 million euros with a buyout clause of 5.4 million euros.After an injury scare at the start of the season, the rossoneri player has since impressed everyone and the club’s management are inclined to buy him out at the end of the season.Messi rein andreas and he became the coach leather to ollie in the main choice right winger position, two people with a different tactical style, and the characteristics of the game, the former more creativity and damage, the running of the latter positive, the more balanced offensively, enables the team to adapt to highly targeted attack.The 30-year-old Brazilian has played 18 games in all competitions so far this season, starting nine of them and scoring four goals.AC Milan may choose to reopen negotiations with Crotone after the summer transfer window, in the hope of reducing the fee stipulated in the player’s contract.Messi of difficulty will be much lower than the last time negotiate similar toner, considering the crow have the ownership of the players play very bad this season in, temporarily can only be at the top of serie b league table the reciprocal of the third, if the rossoneri did not choose to buy, apparently also won’t return to crow in the array of, they had to discount price.Moreover, the transfer fee is expected to fall further as it is hard to find a better choice than AC Milan for Messi’s survival and playing space.