Ningbo, the “most beautiful rescuer” again, 4 years to save 18 times

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“That’s all. Now look at the leg. Is it all right?”In the footage, a man wearing medical gloves is seen bending over the injured with a skilled hand.On March 13, the 10-second video appeared in some beilun people’s circle of friends in Ningbo.The man in the picture is Wang Huafeng, leader of the Red Cross Fraternity Volunteer team in Xinqi neighborhood in Beilun district.”Team Wang, there was a traffic accident near your home at the intersection of Mingzhou Road and Fengyang No. 1 road. Some injured people seem unable to stand up.Come and see!”At 8:25 PM on March 12, Wang huafeng suddenly received a call from liu Chunlan, one of his team members, who was resting at home. He immediately grabbed his first-aid bag and rushed out of the house and trotted to the scene of the accident.”I was off duty and happened to have this accident.Two electric bicycles collided, the offender has run away, there is a more seriously injured owner sitting on the ground.”Liu chunlan said she didn’t have a paramedic certificate and was afraid to help wang huafeng, but Wang huafeng did, and the accident was near his home, so she immediately thought of contacting him.It only took Wang Huafeng 3 minutes to get to the intersection from his home.To gain time, he put on his medical gloves as he ran.Arriving at the scene, he quickly evacuated the onlookers and asked if 120 and the traffic police had been contacted.As soon as he was confirmed, he bent down to examine the wounded.”There are abrasions on the face and hands and the wounds are a bit deep.”Wang first disinfected the victim’s face and bandaged his hands before examining his legs.”Thank you!Receiving first aid from strangers, the frightened wounded never forgot to say thank you.When the traffic police and doctors arrived, they praised Wang for his good deed.Liu Chunlan in the side, but also admire the captain’s calm, can not help but take the video.In fact, this is the 18th time that Wang has performed first aid since he joined the Red Cross Charity Volunteer Service team in Furong Community in March 2018.He holds a Red Cross paramedic certificate and an AHA first-aid certificate, and his first-aid ability has been continuously improved through frequent training and “actual combat” every year.But back to my first rescue, it wasn’t like that.”It was a day in July 2018. While driving, I saw a traffic accident. An old aunt was lying on the ground, bleeding from her head.I pulled over to help. I was so nervous my hands were shaking.”But if you learn first aid, you always have to be prepared.In recent years, Wang huafeng’s private car has become a first-aid vehicle, with a sign on the front saying “emergency rescue” and three first-aid kits for different injuries.In January, he won the title of “most beautiful ambulance worker” in Zhejiang Province.The pace of emergency services has not stopped.At the beginning of this year, a professional volunteer service team was set up, called The New Front First Aid Team.Furong community Red Cross charity volunteer service team and Beilun District Jianfeng rescue team hand in hand selected 13 members to enrich this team, Wang Huafeng is one of them.All team members have Red Cross Paramedic certificates, and most of them have double certificates.In Wang huafeng’s opinion, only by exerting the power of more people can we help more people in times of crisis.(Ningbo Evening News · Yongshang)