“Original first” hundred series of novels 15: the ancient Banyan Country

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There is an ancient banyan tree beside xiaolong School, with thick leaves and dark shade.The air hung down from the branches, and some sank into the soil and grew into straight trunks.So the ancient banyan tree branches, dry dry, single wood into a forest, covering more than ten meters of the ground.A natural playground for children.It was hot, but it was cool under the big banyan tree.Little dragon sat on a big big roots of a banyan tree flourish hovering, against the tree to read a book, but not to the drowsiness, upper and lower eyelids straight tacky, he tried to open my eyes, I saw two dressed in a black tuxedo waiter came in front of his respectfully toward him, and said: “today is our hotel the Open Day, you are visit to our distinguished guests.The king has sent two of us to meet you and accompany you throughout the tour.And the King will invite you to dinner.”Xiao Long was confused.Two waiters pulled him up and walked toward a tall doorway.Xiao Long is very curious, left and right look, see here the road wide, tall buildings.The cars coming and going on the road are all kinds of insects.Just then a scarab car drew up in front of him and the waiter asked him to get into it.It circled the town once on every main road, and then turned into the palace in the centre.Palace ground is paved with milky white natural wood, looks like white marble, go forward but there is a soft feeling, very comfortable.The walls were made of emeralds like leaves, decorated with many red sapphires and magnificent.The king had a magnificent beard and sat on his throne of dragons, hale and hearty: “Welcome, our hero.””Me, how am I your hero?”The dragon was completely confused.”Didn’t you play the big banyan tree in the textbook play last month?You are the hero of our kingdom for promoting it.I would like to present you with a Banyan Medal.This is our nation’s highest honor.”At once all the birds in the palace sang, and the grand music of investiture was played.The king stepped down from his throne and hung a bright green banyan leaf around the dragon’s neck.”Now please welcome Mr. Xiao Long to give a speech.””Shouted the emcee.Xiao Long was rushed to the microphone by two waiters.”Your Majesty the King, your Majesty the Queen and the two lovely little princesses, your majesty the ministers and all the gentlemen and ladies present: we are a community with a shared future. To protect the environment is to protect ourselves.I would like to thank the banyan tree and all plants and animals most sincerely for their contribution to beautifying the earth’s environment.We human beings will work harder to protect the earth’s environment.Thank you very much to the ancient Banyan Tree kingdom for giving me such a high honor.Thank you!”A storm of applause and cheers broke out inside and outside the palace.”Dragon, dragon.Wake up.It’s raining.”His deskmate Xue Qing shook him awake with an umbrella. “Why did you fall asleep here?You would have gotten wet if the big banyan tree had not kept the rain from you.””Just now or big sun, how to say the next down?”Dragon mumbled as he rubbed his eyes.”You don’t know the weather in Shenzhen.Let’s go.”Xue Qing pulled him and ran.Back at home, xiao Long told his grandfather about his strange dream under the ancient banyan tree, and then asked, “Why do you think I’ve been having strange dreams lately? Is it a sign of neurasthenia?”Old Man Song smiled and said, “No.That means you’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I’ve been telling you so many stories.Your dream is obviously a transformation of the Biography of The Governor of Nanke.””Why does your story turn into a dream in my mind?””The brain takes the incoming information and adds it to the information it has already stored, reprocessing it and presenting it as a dream.You’ll understand that when you read Freud.””You mean the brain writes its own novel?”Xiao Long thought it was amazing.”Sort of.Writing novels is a conscious activity; dreaming is a subconscious one.Dreaming is actually the unconscious mind writing novels.”On Feb. 15, 2022, it bears the sixth in a series of 100 bears, for which it bears no further crupper. For more, please leave your comments.Let us introspect in the heart, observe the world, feel the life and sublimate ourselves in the picture and text together!