Premarital cohabitation: Unplanned pregnancy, which may be the result of “intention”

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The unexpected arrival of the child suddenly brought forward the wedding plan, causing some people to rejoice and others to worry.Children bear witness to love, but that witness seems to come a little early, especially for those who don’t have the financial resources to raise a child.Marriage tests a man’s sense of responsibility.Women’s natural motherhood causes them to think more about their unborn child when they learn they are about to become a mother.Men think more about whether they are ready to be fathers and whether they want to enter the marriage trap.If the man has no intention of marrying at all.This sudden “surprise” will only make him escape.Men don’t have to experience pregnancy, so they never realize how it changes women.As adults, men think they can be responsible for themselves. They enjoy love without any scruples. They think they can be responsible for love at the same time.Parental education is regarded as an outdated concept.But it is the constraints of these “old ideas” that protect women.Cohabitation before marriage is quite common these days, and although young people agree with the practice, few want to become a mother before marriage.You think you’ve taken safety precautions, but in this day and age, with fake and shoddy goods rampant, it’s not 100 percent possible to avoid unwanted pregnancies.A woman should not try to force her child into marriage.A man who has no sense of responsibility is not only not responsible for you, but also responsible for the child inside you.Therefore, do not use children as a tool to facilitate marriage.The future may be faced with a father who does not love his children and a disabled family, which is very bad for the growth of children.Whatever the reason, don’t try it.It’s a sign of female self-love. If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect others to love you?Don’t say you didn’t mean it.If you don’t mean to, you get drunk alone, tell strangers about your relationship, wander the streets in the middle of the night…One-night stands can be “intentional”.